Fallout 4: The Lost Patrol Quest Guide

The Lost Patrol quest in Fallout 4 requires you to go hunt down the whereabouts of the lost patrol. Here are the lost patrols' beacon locations.

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TheColbertinator1066d ago

That mission took ages to finish

Kingdomcome2471066d ago

I've only played through the part where you go back to sanctuary with the minutemen, and are given the lead to go to Diamond City. I wanted to beat ROTTR first. How are the story, and side quests shaping up, guys? Are they at all comparable to the quality of those found in The Witcher?

thekhurg1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

I'll try to keep this spoiler free - so if you don't know who the factions in the game are and don't want to know then stop reading when you get to the line break below.

Nothing in this game is comparable in quality to what you find in the witcher 3.

Main story quests are your standard Bethesda variety. Go to location kill bad guys, fetch an item or new NPC. Go back to quest giver and be sent somewhere else.

There is no emotion in the voice acting or even the facial animations, it's very humdrum feeling. The main story is moderately predictable but slightly interesting enough to warrant its completion.

There are approximately 3 to 4 quests per faction all consisting of a unique "fetch quest" style mission where you go to a location, kill a bunch of bugs/raiders/super mutants and return with either an item or an "all clear" report. Other than those few unique story missions, every other mission from the factions are copy/pasted from a standard template per faction.


So the Minutemen you get copy/pasted quests of go to a location and help clear out a spot for a settlement.

Brotherhood you get go to location kill all enemies and go to location and retrieve an item.

Raidroad you get go to a location get an item then go clear a location (same quest).

davemyrose921066d ago

Yea they r better than the witcher 3, I literally just beat the game minutes ago, and done most side quests, I can easily say its my goty, and ppl should pass judgment on the game till they at least get to the turning point which i won't give spoilers but the game is simply amazinggggggg