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Justin from Pixel Gate UK writes:

People were excited to hear that we were getting another Battlefront game, as was I in a sense. It feels like a game that will strongly split gamers. Those that loved it, and those that didn't love it.

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SniperControl1066d ago

Ouch, i cancelled my pre-order because i just had a gut feeling about this game, the beta didnt really help but i thought i'd take a punt on it and see what happens, i've seen a few of these early reviews and it's not looking good for Battlefront.

Manio311066d ago

It's not great, and that's a shame. The lack of content is the real killer here.

Kribwalker1066d ago

I agree, and the worst part is they are charging $50 for the season pass to make it a complete game

Imp0ssibl31066d ago

This game isn't a 4.5/10 by any stretch of imagination. Congrats on the click bait review though, you'll get a lot of hits

venom061066d ago

PATHETIC review... absolutely nothing to see here.. move on..

ABizzel11066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

I think a 4.5 is a bit extreme from my time with the beta on both platforms, because the actual game is solid. But I completely understand it giving the amount of content, and the edacity to charge nearly full price for a season pass with 2x the maps the retail game comes with....but over an extended period of time.

$60 for 8 maps, or $110 for 24. That's ridiculous, and the review reflects that in full (as well as their other gripes with mechanics, and lack of Replay Value to them).

Also the fact that they're forcing major publications to launch their review the day of release says plenty IMO. This game is seriously lacking content and plans on selling it to you months later in a $50 season pass, and it's absolutely ridiculous, and I don't fault them for knocking a game because it lacks content. It doesn't mean the game isn't fun, but it tells gamers is to wait for the Definitive Edition which comes with the maps.

Or better yet download it through EA Access like I did and enjoy 10 hours, and be done with it.

freshslicepizza1066d ago

not a great review because the main focus is about content not about how fun it is. he even admits the lacking in content left him wanting more meaning he enjoyed the game of what was offered.

this is why numerical scores have less and less importance more than ever. everyone wants to review now because it's so easy to write your own reviews and blogs. if he left the score out there wouldn't be an issue but the 4.5 is what draws attention.

HammadTheBeast1065d ago

All these people criticizing his review over a game they haven't even played LOL.

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ChristopherJack1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Games have been plagued by inflated review scores for a very long time, I think people need to keep in mind that a 4.5 does not mean terrible, it means mediocre.

Gain some perspective, a movie critic rarely gets panned as much when they offer 2/5 stars on a relatively average movie.

turdburgler10801065d ago

Well if this holds true for the other reviews then their are going to be a lot of battlefront themed ps4 consoles that go unsold.

RedDevils1065d ago

Guess those people who already jump on this game hype train will probably disagree with this review, especially if they haven't even played it

ABizzel11065d ago

I've played it for several hours now, and I can definitely say 4.5 is a bit low on average for this review, but all the complaints in the review are completely justified.

It just doesn't feel like a complete $60 game. There are a bunch of game modes, but most of them are just niche spins on multiplayer classics. And survival gets old fast.

+Beautiful graphics, especially for Multiplayer

+True to the Star Wars Universe

+Plenty of game modes......

+Easy Pick up and Play, for anyone.....

-Plenty of game modes, but it splits up the community and many are just standard game modes with a niche twist.

-It will most definitely be too casual for many FPS fans

-The number of maps and game modes should have been swapped.

-The different modes can turn this game from slightly competitive shooter, into a casual FPS fan fest.

-Many of the weapons feel the same.

-It's a bit weird that the power-ups are icons you pick up on screen, rather than having your chosen set of boosters, and unlocking other perks through kill streaks or other means. But considering 3 shot kills are very simple in the game, that makes kills streaks a bit harder. Also some boosters are must use immediately, while others are fine even if you die.

-Survival Mode is fun only for about the first hour.

It's not a bad game at all. The Presentation of Star Wars is spot on, the graphics are top notch, the audio sounds like you'd expect a Star Wars battle to sound, and the gameplay is all around good.

The problem is the lack of maps, how insanely casual it is, and just the overall feeling that it simply isn't a complete game. It just never feels like a $60 game.

Average gamer
7/10 at best IMO for most gamers.

FPS fans
6/10 it's just too casual for most FPS fans, and it cost $50 just to DLC to make it feel like a complete game.

Star Wars fans:
7.5/10 If you're a fan of Star Wars and only modestly like shooters, then you'll enjoy this game, but will always feel like it needs just a bit more something.....

What could have helped:

They could have easily tossed a mini campaign together with the same bots from Survival, like they did with the intro/demo (combine multiplayer objectives with Survival). It could have been one level for each world where you navigate the maps and clear objectives and basically learn the objectives of the multiplayer modes, while also learning how to play with each Hero / Villain character, walkers, fighters, and speeders. It could have been 4 hours (1 hour per world), and that would have gave the game something to feel a bit more complete than it does.

Improve Survival Mode, it simply needs more fun.

And finally I already said this one, but it needed WAY more maps at launch.

SolidStoner1065d ago

This far battlefront for me seems more like that COD milking project.. they rushed it and made a regular shooter with "Star wars" name for boost sales!

They should better create Battlefield 1942 or Vietnam... Or at least please Star wars fans...

and now when Fallout 4 is out.. I think many of us will be living/survining wastelands for months! :D

muzikjunkie801065d ago


Gain some perspective, a movie critic rarely gets panned as much when they offer 2/5 stars on a relatively average movie.

i agree to an extent. but you are comparing apples to oranges.

you have to bear in mind a game costs £40-£50 and has replay value and bonus content a movie on the other hand is 90 mins long at average costs £10+ so if a game gets a score like this people will not fork out £40-£50 for a "mediocre" game a movie on the other hand can be downloaded for free or streamed via netflix etc so a silly comparison imo

UKmilitia1065d ago

lack of content?
u having a laugh????
why do you think they have a £45 season pass.
its EA here and they have another licence to print money but people will keep lapping it up and pay for the DLC as they always do.

It was a screw the consumer and SW fans from the start and milk the franchise to death.

DLC is the cancer of gaming but people keep buying it.

solar1065d ago

I hate the commercialization of my hobby. Push out crap, people buy crap, repeat.

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soul-assassin-1066d ago

Exactly what I did yesterday.....thankfully the game comes out on the 19th in the UK , so I will get the chance to see all the reviews tomorrow from many of the other sites. I do think this game will struggle to get more than a 7/10. My opinions thoe. Really hope I'm wrong.

SniperControl1065d ago

I'am in the UK as well, exactly the reason why i cancelled my pre-order, i wanted to get a average of review scores before deciding to buy. I will get it, eventually, but for now the contents dont justifiy the asking price.

muzikjunkie801065d ago

i downloaded the trial on ea access and if im honest the game is actually better than i thought personally id say its about a 7-8 out of 10. not ground breaking by any stretch but not bad either. the solo missions are also quite good but that's just me i guess. if i was going to buy this id wait until its around the £30 mark.

mark_parch1065d ago

or wait till its free on EA access

L0NGSHOT281066d ago

Funny because the people I actually trust who did early reviews who aren't looking for an early influx of clicks, actually enjoy the game and recommend it.

PixelGateUk1065d ago

errr...we don't run any adverts, we have nothing click based running on the site. We gain nothing from any post be it 100 views or 100,000 views.

mEATgrinder1066d ago

This isnt the review we're looking for, move along

RedDevils1065d ago

That's right we're looking for the 10s review, not this nonsense, afterward when we brought the game we can throw it in the trash lol

HaveAsandwich1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

no way in hell im buying this game. 16 maps ripped from the game, and resold to you as a 50 dollar season pass. they can kiss the fattest part of my rear end.

medman1065d ago

Shouldn't you want them to kiss the narrowest part of your rear end? Much closer to the trouble........

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lelo2play1066d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Not surprised by the score, beta was crap. The 7's and 8's reviews are being very generous.

... but there are a lot of stupid gamers out there, so this game will be a best seller.

PreAtaric1065d ago

"there are a lot of stupid gamers out there"

If you think this score is accurate, you should consider the possibility that you're one of them.

UKmilitia1065d ago

i heard there gonna release the shafted up the tailpipe edition at xmas.
its BF reskinned and new audio.

L0NGSHOT281065d ago

So people enjoying something you don't are stupid? lol you must be fun at parties.

littletad1065d ago

You cancelled cause of an opinion? Hell I canceled because of the 50 dollar season pass crap. Please, be smart with your money, otherwise this will turn into a trend. They're hoping to bank on the star wars name alone.

Scottyxboxoneandps41065d ago

Your loss then, along with the others in here who cancelled their pre-orders. Come on now, that score is a joke, the gameplay alone deserves a much higher score than this.
I have a feeling people couldn't wait to hate on this game and have their own agenda because they don't agree with the season pass or lack of singleplayer which in all honesty would be the worst part with dices track record of singleplayer campaign's. It's about time some of you stop with this sad agenda driven bs.

SpinalRemains1381065d ago

People hating on it didn't even buy it. They're hating on a game based on what someone else said.

I am playing the game, and it is totally fun. If you love Star Wars, you will love this game. Its that simple.

Blaze9291065d ago

i don't think the score is a direct attack on the game, but a direct attack on ending practices such as this; shipping out incomplete games then charging $50 for a season pass? Gtfo EA

garos821065d ago

f*&k mei cant believe i actually agreed with you. i think hat deserves a bubble

PreAtaric1065d ago

No one actually believes this game deserves a 4.5/10, so why is the score "ouch" worthy?

showtimefolks1065d ago

but but i was told on n4g that it's a complete game that's not rush or re skinned battlefield? how can an honest and gamer friendly publisher like EA do this to us?

let's see battlefront was announced very short time after EA got the License

the game has had less than 2 years of development

the beta was under whelming

there is a always dlc planed within month after release

it's releasing to cash in on the new movie and star wars name

there is already a plan for atleast one star wars game yearly

this has a lot less content than past star wars games

do i think this game will get a 4.5 from everyone? no at all

overall i think this game will be between 70-75/100

and many big sites don't have the guts to give this game a bad score in fear of making EA mad. so the honest reviews once again will be delivered by very few



i trust these 3 personally

this game will still do quite well for being star wars and many gamers just don't care and they will buy battlefront regardless

so EA makes money, learns nothing and future milking oif star wars begins even at a higher level

DefenderOfDoom21065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Just wanted too add Jeff Gertsmann from "Giant Bomb" to your honest list . Even though he just does written reviews of video games . Jeff is taking a lot a heat for giving the console versions off Fallout 4, a 3 out 5.

showtimefolks1065d ago


oh absolutist i can't believe i forgot my main man lol

he got fired from gamespot for being honest so yes i always trust his reviews. btw i am not just looking for a number on the review to make my purchase

by honest reviews i mean the reviewers goes into great detail about all the issues(all pros and cons)

garrettbobbyferguson1065d ago

"Reskinned battlefield"

It would have maybe been decent if it was that. But they're not even offering the same quality or quantity of content that the most recent main Battlefield title is offering.

muzikjunkie801065d ago

this has a lot less content than past star wars games

this reminds me off pga tour 15 lol another ea game thats missing a tone of content compared to the tiger woods games. must be a ea trend thats started this generation.

ea are getting way to greedy that's why im not buying any of their games ill just wait till they enter the vault on ea access, the worst part of all is that after star wars goes into the vault they will prob add the dlc with it like they did with titan fall.

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Orionsangel1065d ago

That was smart going by one review. Because as we all know. One person's opinion is the be end all of opinions, lol


Revvin1065d ago

Every new AAA game that gets released will have a ridiculously low score given to it by a site desperate for hits, its the same tactic time and time again to illicit hits from sites like N4G. Having played the beta and used up my 10 hours through EA Access there is no way this game deserves a 4.5 out of 10. The sites that purposely give low scores to get visitors to their site are no better than the sites that hype games with 10 out of 10 scores, please stop giving these guys hits to their web-site.

thorstein1065d ago

Get the demo or try it out at your local game store. Do not give credence to know nothing critics. Determine value for yourself.

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gangsta_red1066d ago

Well...I wanted to give this game a fair shot but so far the reviews seem to be pretty unanimous with each other. I guess it's good though considering I have Transformers, Fallout and Tales going on at the moment.

Alexious1066d ago

What are you even talking about? Reviews are all 7/8 save for this one. The game is good, it's just light on content for now (but it's getting more maps in two weeks).

gangsta_red1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Unanimous in saying that the game's biggest fault is the lack of content. Not every site giving the game low scores.

jayzablade1066d ago

I was just about to say the same! Majority I've seen so far have been around 70/80% mark!

solar1065d ago

To Alexious

You say it's a good game. Great. I don't have the same tastes as you, or anyone else on the planet. So you saying it's great means shit.

dkp231065d ago

Brb paying $60 for lack of content. Then 50 for a little more content.

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assdan1066d ago

There's two clickbait reviews. That's it...
I'm not saying I'm definitely getting battlefront, but neither review has convinced me to not get it.

gangsta_red1066d ago

My fault, I should have been clearer with my comment. I meant the content is what a lot of reviews are complaining about, not that actual score which so far have been in the 7's and 8's.

LeCreuset1065d ago


That's my concern. I don't put much stock in scores, but unless the reviews are flat out lying about content, that is a concern for me.

Stealthsniper751065d ago

go back to the review and see how many ads are on the site and then delete the word clickbait

HaydenJameSmith1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

I have been playing it on EA Access for last two days and I think its actually really fun. The content while isn't a lot still more than most Shooters at launch.

It launches with 12 maps and 9 modes in the MP alone then you got the 3 additional offline modes with the same maps. Some of the maps have different variants (of size) depending on what mode your playing...

And another 2 maps coming for free when the movie launches. Disregarding the lack of campaign, which was probably gonna be small and rushed cause this game had a really small development time, it's actually got a lot of content on the MP side of things (14 maps and 9 modes on MP side). Plus dedicated servers. BF4 launched with 10 maps and nobody had a problem with that... Hardline had 9 at launch. In my opinion content is not an issue.

The presentation and the gameplay is fantastic. It's overall quite a fun experience, either way it doesn't matter what sorts of reviews it get it's gonna sell huge numbers.

GoPanthers9991065d ago

Same here, its a blast. Force Choking this lame reviewer right now!

RedDevils1065d ago

I would avoid IGN and Gamespot for Review and look straight at User review to see a little bit of insight before making a purchase

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Rimeskeem1066d ago

4.5 to me means that it's broken.

This game if not broken should be no less than a 5.5. Lack of content and all should affect the score but in my books game has to be broken to receive such a low score

Dario_DC1066d ago

4.5 means slightly below average...

OT: I'm buying this to have fun playing co-op with the GF, I guess the geek in me wants this game more than it should.

Sureshot1066d ago

Going by your scale a 2 would blow up your console/PC?

Rimeskeem1066d ago

My scale changes depending on the reviewer

ex. if the game gets a 2 or lower from angry joe that means its broken and if it gets a 4-5 it has a lack of content and if it gets a 6 it means its the worst thing it can be for being a not broken complete game.

captainexplosion1066d ago

I would give a broken game a 0.

ginsunuva1065d ago

Okay, but no one cares what it means to you.

It's based on what it means to the person who gave it.

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MattE1066d ago

Wow, not looking good.. looks like Sony backed the wrong horse

At least can play through 10 hour trial on full game without purchase..

sactownlawyer9161066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Sony backed cod and Star Wars and they will be the top two selling games this holiday. Can't say the same for ms and tomb raider.

spicelicka1066d ago

Well good thing MS had Halo 5 and Forza 6 so they didn't need to back multiplatform games.

2pacalypsenow1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

I don't think this game is a 4.5, but it still will sell millions

scientificreasoning1066d ago

@SPICE- SOny released Bloodborne, The order, until dawn, UC Collection, MLB the show...the diff is they ddin;t send their games to die like forza and TR in the fall. Sony has more exclusive they just spread them out. Consideering how huge a decline Halo had as well it's not a good strategy, especially when PS4 destroys X1 in Nov./

Imalwaysright1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

"Sony backed cod and Star Wars and they will be the top two selling games this holiday. Can't say the same for ms and tomb raider."

True, MS backed TR which according to reviews is better than CoD and the lowest score for it was a 6/10. Battlefront already got a 4.5/10. Guess that MS made the right choice for the players while Sony made the right choice for their wallet.

MasterCornholio1066d ago


"Guess that MS made the right choice for the players"

By delaying the release of the game on other systems?

Microsoft made that deal to combat Uncharted. If they didnt delay the release of TR on PS it still would released for the X1 and it still would be a great game to play.

MS and Sony are always thinking about their wallets. Thats why they make these deals in the first place.