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It’s difficult to overstate how historically important System Shock is. Ever play an atmospheric shooter that told it’s story through environment and audio logs? That sounds like every shooter made after Bioshock(which is a spiritual sequel to System Shock), but the practice started started here. Spooky atmosphere and horror elements in an FPS go back as far as Doom, but System Shock mastered the concepts, proving that a game can give you a gun and the heebejeebies without playing jump scares like a broken, screechy record. From Amnesia, Dead Space, Deus Ex, Portal, Alien: Isolation, Bioshock(duh) to even Doom 3 and Gears of War, all of these games and many more have been significantly influenced by System Shock. That’s the only part of the reason why the game has aged like milk.

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Dang, most reviews have stated the same stuff about this game. I guess it hasn't really aged that well. I'll still try it now that I finally get a chance though.