Homebrew DS: Not Just For Gaming

Watch out, iPod. Hold onto your stylus, Blackberry. There's a new multi-media system in town: the Nintendo DS. What does the DS have to rival these two pocket-sized powerhouses? Homebrew: software written for the DS that lets players run user-made software on the DS.

No, you won't be able to make phone calls on your DS as with the Blackberry, but you will be able to perform many similar functions that those fruit-monikered rivals are able to do: listening to music, surfing the web, and playing video. To use these functions, specific homebrew programs are needed. Homebrew "Moonshell" allows its user to browse files, play music, and even view movies. And "Colors!" acts like Microsoft Paint.

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jay23773d ago

Well, of cause, you can do anything you want with some coding.