New PlayStation Games for 11/17/2015

Posted by Ryan Clements on Nov 15, 2015 // Social Media Specialist
The Drop:
The Rebels and Imperials clash across the stars in spectacular new battles. Heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe meet on the field. And a new generation of players prepare for war. Star Wars Battlefront is almost here, and it’s bringing larger-than-life experiences to PS4 this week.

Developed by the renowned team at DICE, Star Wars Battlefront features massive battles on iconic locales, from the frozen wastes of Hoth to the dense forests of Endor. Rebel or Imperial, grab a blaster and enter the fray in a variety of modes. Pilot ships in brutal aerial battles, pick up special power-ups and control legendary figures like Luke, Han, and Darth Vader. And — most importantly — may the Force be with you.

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Germany71070d ago

Still thinking about Deadpool and Revelations 2, anyone recommend these games?

1070d ago
alfcrippinjr1070d ago

deadpool on the ps3 is very funny game worth picking it up on the ps4 if your not played it

rezzah1070d ago

Glad i didn't get the PS3 version, now I can play it with better graphics. But I'm still waiting for a price drop.

1070d ago