Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 review – too much innovation | Metro

This year’s COD brings a completely new style of four-player co-op and major changes to the multiplayer, but are they all for the best?

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Immorals1066d ago

Black ops 3 may have many things, but I wouldn't call them innovative. 'Borrowed ideas' would be a better way to put it!

JustGamin851066d ago

Correct, but BO3 borrowed all the right ideas and really made a fun game. I was content with AW, but after buying BO3 (didnt get to play the beta) i can say they did a job well done esp that i wasnt to eager to drop $60.00 on another COD game but i'm glad i did.

HaleHankock1066d ago

I regret getting the game for year 3 in a row. They copied the hell out of destiny and titanfall but the core multi-player game play is the same, usually laggy experience I've come to expect. Not to mention all the same issues they leave customers with every year right after launch. With all their money you'd think they'd finally take a step forward for their fans and address lag, horrible spawns and not use the first 2 months after launch to beta test on paying customers