Monster Hunter Online May Come to Console Platform

Tencent Games and Capcom announced Monster Hunter Online will start final closed beta on November 27. Capcom's game director Yoshinori Ono told that currently they are working with Tencent to polish the PC version and they may release the game on console platforms.

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FPSRUSSIA1220d ago

i hope when they mean console they don't mean Wii u only since the last one for consoles was on the Wii u

1219d ago
killcycle1219d ago

I've been waiting for a monster hunter game throughout the entire Ps3 lifespan and an english version was never released. It was one of the reasons i brought Ps3 at the time.

Better late then never.. if ever.

NovusTerminus1219d ago

YES! Now to just hope for a western release... But I may just import it.

Eiyuuou1219d ago

I hope it'll be WiiU. Then I won't have to pay to play online...

Skate-AK1219d ago

Highly doubt that. You would be better off waiting for the NX.

Sainox161219d ago

This would be amazing I've only played the psp version and it was fairly addicting

killcycle1219d ago

I brought the psp version from the store and downloaded it on my Vita tv just to play the latest version available to me on the big screen.

Then to play online you have to have an app called "adhoc party" running on the Ps3 at the same time.

So much work.

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The story is too old to be commented.