Ace Gamez: Beijing 2008 Review

Ace Gamez writes: " As the games industry has matured over the years, from virtual non-existence to one of the biggest markets out there, it's become easier to notice the trends that develop year after year and on system after system. This is an industry that's no longer in its infancy and the games, development structure and general image portrayed by videogames has come a long way since its humble beginnings. This change is good in some ways and bad in others, with one of the latter being the business, pure money-making aspect.

Examples of this is include annual sports updates, inevitable (and usually inevitably poo) film tie-ins and (stand up Beijing 2008) the predictable Olympics game every time the 'Greatest Show on Earth' comes around. If you're getting the impression from this opening that Beijing 2008 isn't the best game ever then you'd be right - but then it never was going to be, was it? Nevertheless, it does succeed in providing an entertaining albeit flawed chance to strive for Olympic gold from the comfort of your living room."

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tk2623719d ago

This game isn't good at all. The AI beats you all the time and the game is overall bad. Developers just rushed this because of the Olympics coming up. Just like any movie-based game, TV show, etc. It's all the same. 7/10 is a joke! Only a few silver screen/ tv screen are made into a good game. This isn't one of them.