Gran Turismo Demo Details

Sony is delivering the ultimate Christmas gift to Japan this year: a free demo of Gran Turismo 5, set for download starting December 24 exclusively via the PlayStation Store.

According to the latest issue of the magazine, the demo, titled Gran Turismo HD Concept, will ship with one course and ten cars. The course is the all new Eiger Nordwand, and you'll be able to race it normal and reverse.

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Maddens Raiders5461d ago

are a prime example of a company understanding customer concerns and meeting those concerns / demands with class. Sure they could've rushed out an unfinished product like Evolution did to the poor Japanese and like Bandai did to us in the States(sorry!), but instead they'd rather fade the heat for delaying a proven product to deliver the product as promised and most likely (knowing their obsession) even better. This move will not only pay off for SNE, Kaz, and PD in the end, but it's also going to make fans realize even more how special of a company Polyphony Digital really is. Now if only we could've gotten Bandai to think the same way PD does. =]

calderra5461d ago

Which is why damage modeling, top-name-licensing (Lamborghini, Porsche), drag racing, and AI improvements have been a hallmark of the series. Right?

And they really are against releasing an unfinished product- which is why the 100% completion bug is in GT2, right?

And then there's all the new things they've added to the series- like customizing cars with graphics and decals, tuning your car without reloading the test track, NOT having 22 different Skylines and Evolutions... oh wait, I'm listing the things Forza brought to the table.

The end product is great, don't get me wrong- but the company does basically nothing to "respond" to anything. And this is not just an "Xbot" comment- I own GTA 1-4, so this is coming from a die-hard fan (who also owns Forza too). Gran Turismo needs to get in gear and make some real improvements if they don't want Forza leaving them in the dust.

Maddens Raiders5461d ago (Edited 5461d ago )

if you are a true fan then you are cleary aware of the tremendous licensing barriers that Kaz encountered immediately. From things like particular livery sponsors to the Ferrari's and Lambhorgini's absence (which I'll comment on further), (but the inclusion of the powerhouse RuF)to the damage modelling. 1.) No one wanted their cars smashed man on a game to show realistic crashing algorithms and how fragile their creation might be, especially by some upstart college kid -- lawsuits, blah, blah..

2.)Personally I'm not a fan of either one of Lamborghini or Ferrari. I'd rather roll out the Sauber Mercedes, and Audi R8 RACE CAR, or The Real Toyota EssoSuperflow GT1 RaceCar. I'm able to photograph and print my garage cars which is great and they look gorgeous at every level and feel "right". There's so much more that Kaz is going to do with this game on the PS3 in 2008 too -- man that's gonna be buttery perfection count on it.

One of the latest IGN reviews went this way when comparing Forza to GT4:
-- "Final Analysis
The whole concept of GT4 is reaching its ultimate form with the latest iteration, but the real question is whether this is all enough. By becoming a series that is continuing to spend more time on adding more details and fine-tuning what it has already done before does that allow for new ideas to come to the forefront? The best thing for the series will actually come from competitors like Forza and Enthusia who take a whole new approach to the idea of a driving simulator.
So as it stands is there a good reason to jump ship, this behemoth of the videogame industry, and look for a new leader? Not quite. There are developments happening elsewhere, but GT4 is still looking like a king on a throne made of solid gold hubcaps and it's not going anywhere right now. The cars are beautiful and the graphics are beyond compare on the consoles. With solid handling, hundreds of vehicles, and plenty of tracks this will still be the place to hang your hat when you have a few hundred hours to kill in the pursuit of driving excellence."--

Nevermind he doesn't mention the small amount of real life race tracks one can choose from and the look of Full Nurburgring doesn't even come close to it on the PS2 in 1080i!lol
Nevermind that GT dominates all JapaneseGT and the JGTC USA races, IndyJapan and even the LeMans series as far as advertising and recognition of calibre, but the game is a masterpiece as it aims to mimmick their real-life counterparts flawlessly. If there is real car damage fine I'm sure Kaz will do a good job of it. But you mention being able to tune your car in w/o going to test track WTH are you talking about/ How are you going to tune your car otherwise? What exactly are you tuning w/o using the vehicle? Unless your changing wheels/tires OR you're still at the dealer's shop load up all the parts and then you take it for a spin, right? Hey Forza is a refreshing alternative like others have opined, but GT's sheer magnitude shifts it to a different level. Admit it - even you can't wait for GT Visions PS3 either. It's hard even for topgamr to top this: and its only gonna get better.

MikeMichaels5461d ago

Very nice.

I've got my fingers crossed that we see this in NA soon.

spacetoilet5461d ago

Do you think there will be any way at all to get hold of this demo, and transfer it to a US PS3 and get it to work?

DJ5461d ago

They should release this for the U.S. as well. PS3s are region free, so it should work if you transfer the Japanese demo over.

DC RID3R5461d ago

is probably THE most important company sony has bought concerning their gaming division.
their attention to detail is unquestionable (although i do feel that the last few gt's have been "a bit long in the tooth").

perhaps an injection of speed will re-invigorate the series.

a word of warning though, the forza series is catching up, and although not quite there yet (the japanese attention to detail is pretty much as good as it gets imo), the addition of realtime car damage may swing the tide in terms of realism this time round?

we'll see