New PlayStation Games hit PlayStation Store

Just in time for Christmas, Sony Japan has announced a new batch of PlayStation Store downloads for the Japanese market. Set to go live on 12/21 are nine PlayStation classics, all priced at the usual 525 yen.

This update includes a variety of titles, some of which traveled outside Japan years ago, and some of which remained Japan only. Here's a look:

R-Types (Irem, shooter)

Taiyo no Shippo (aka Tail of the Sun, Artdink, action)

U-SA (Artdink, puzzle)

Dino Crisis (Capcom, action-adventure)

Global Force (SCE, sim)

Gekisou Tomaranna (SCE, racing)

Maru Oukoku no Ningyou Hime (Nippon Ichi, RPG)

The Convenie Ano Machi wo Dokusen se yo (Hamster, sim)

Mr. Driller (Bandai Namco Games, action)

As with the original batch of downloads, these games require a PS3 for downloading, but can only be played on the PSP.

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eepiccolo5263d ago

You need a PS3 in order to get games that only run on a PSP? Are those the only types of games you can download from the PlayStation store?

Siesser5263d ago

No, there are games to be played on the PS3 as well. In January or February, there should be a firmware update released that will allow you to play these PSOne titles on the PS3 itself, and not just use it as a go-between. Hopefully, they'll also incorporate wirelessly sending files to and from your pc by then.

THWIP5263d ago

"As with the original batch of downloads, these games require a PS3 for downloading, but can only be played on the PSP"

They should just wait until the PS3 is capable of playing these games, like the 360's XBLA games, rather than do something so half-assed.

MikeMichaels5263d ago

People are going to complain either way.

Since i'm a PSP owner, i don't see why "i" should have to wait to enjoy these games because you (not you in particular, i mean in general) don't have one.

I like what they've done.

THWIP5263d ago

This is a bass-ackwards way of selling software through a new console. Why not just allow you to logon to the Sony "Pay Station", and purchase the game for your PSP DIRECTLY, via it's browser? This is completely retarded, and an obvious attempt to make the PS3 APPEAR to have some added features over the 360.

MicroGamer5263d ago

the reason they won't let you download content for the PSP directly is then they don't get to force a Blu Ray player into your house whether you want it or not.