Nintendo Announces The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD; New Zelda Wii U Still Set For 2016

What may be the worst kept secret recently from Nintendo, the rumored announcement has been confirmed to be real.

Just now during the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has officially announced The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD for Wii U.


New Zelda game still set for Wii U and 2016, according to trailer.

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AzubuEntus2761d ago

I was hoping for a 3DS version too. Oh well, Twilight Princess Wii U is still great!

user89668282760d ago

The 3ds has enough Zelda give the Wii u some love

GordonKnight2760d ago

This announcement was great. The only thing missing was Zelda U. Is Nintendo trying to push the next big Zelda game to the NX? With releasing upgraded versions of Zelda games. I have a feeling that the 2016 holiday season will see the release of an upgraded skyward sword for the Wii U. Could the Wii U be the first Nintendo console without an original Zelda game?

GordonKnight2760d ago

Reggie said that Zelda U will released in 2016 on Wii U. How did I miss that!

Concertoine2761d ago

Looks the same... might run at 1080p like WWHD did though.

Way to go Tantalus though. Risen the ranks to work for Nintendo.

Segata2761d ago

Same minus the horrible Bloom on original release

Nevers0ft2760d ago

It's the Tantalus name that worries me. As far as I know then only Wii U game they've developed before was Funky Barn. They should've gone with Straight Right - same city as Tantalus (if that matters) and they did a pretty competent job of porting Mass Effect 3.

2760d ago
Germany72761d ago

Twilight Princess is amazing, probably i will buy it again.

bouzebbal2760d ago

definitely buying this again, even if it has some weaknesses like the wolf section that i think are terrible.
happy for this announcement, looking forward to seeing how the Gamepad will be used.

Germany72760d ago

I really liked to play with Midna and Wolf Link. :3

Sm00thNinja2761d ago

Ugh I said I wouldn't buy anymore Wii U games....

Sm00thNinja2759d ago

Yeah the Wii U is dead in the water I planned on getting Zelda Wii U but that was it but I loved Twilight Princess I have to get this

Izalith2761d ago

One of my favorite Zelda games are coming to Wii U. My top 3 Zelda games are:
Ocarina Of Time
Twilight Princess
Wind Waker

Still playing Wind Waker HD on my Wii U. Best remaster I have played on my platforms I own with WiiU/PS4/X1

Hroach6162760d ago

Isn't it nice to not be beholden to 1 system like some fanboys?! Game on, power to the players and all that jazz

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