Could Mobile Ever Kill the Video Game Console?

It sounds crazy, but that may just be in our future.

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ArchangelMike1727d ago

Nope. Big screen couch gaming is here to stay. Not to even mention the potential that VR has to revitalise big screen couch gaming.

ravinash1727d ago

I do find it funny when marketers confuse market growth with market share.

Just because a % of the market is growing the fastest, does not mean it's going to take over.

Like any market, it will reach saturation point and stop growing. Companies will fight to grab as bigger slice of this new market. but no one has perfected the art of this yet.

It will level off again, and then once that happens companies will stop throwing money at it.

Hroach6161727d ago

The only way that will happen is when mobile is powerful enough to run modern games, and future modern AAA games and you just hook up your phone or tablet to your tv and play. Granted that is a possibility. But it's a long way off still.

ravinash1727d ago

Because mobile devices rely on Miniaturisation, it will always be two steps behind consoles and 3 steps behind PCs.

BlackIceJoe1727d ago

Thankfully it never will, but if by some crazy chance it does I'll stop playing games. I prefer bigger games than Candy Crush or Angry Birds. I honestly don't see how they do so well. Right now I'm having a blast with Fallout 4 and you can't play a game like that on a small screen, so console gaming is going nowhere.

Genova841727d ago

Mobile gaming is great for playing games like scrabble with my Mom. That's about it. Well maybe ipad games are a good way to introduce young kids to games. Lord knows that if we gave them games like ghost and goblins, ninja gaiden 2, battletoads, and mike tyson's punchout, they're self-esteem would plummet from the crushing defeat they'd suffer.

I think on my life i have spent $10 on mobile "games". $4 of that was on an snes emulator.

So ... can we please stop seeing these articles every couple of months? Mobile gaming <> traditional gaming.

jmc88881726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )


Because playing on a 3-6 inch screen simply isn't enjoyable like it is on a regular TV.

Anyone here think a tiny screen will usurp my enjoyment with my 55" 4k/60 Vizio P series with 1080/120hz? Didn't think so.

Games from 20 years ago riddled with microtransactions, which is basically the mobile model, simply is not the future.

How anyone could think this could kill consoles or even PC is dumb as dirt.

Mobile is in fact a good stepping stone to INCREASED videogames and console usage in a more advanced form, because it gets noobs to gaming, interested in gaming, and then they want a much better experience, whether that is Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, or PC... many youngsters who wouldn't otherwise be introduced to videogames, will be, and will then evolve past mobile gaming.

It's funny though, many of the cellphone gamers today are people who mocked gaming 10-20 years ago, and now they 'enjoy' the ass end of gaming that is mobile gaming.

Also... Mobile will always be behind power-wise, because computational power takes more size and more electrical power, and these are not the strengths of a cellphone, they are hindrances.

Additionally the rate of mobile catching up to desktop will slow, because the big gains we are getting will slow down as they hit the same limitations their bigger brothers have. Right now we've benefited from all the multicore processors being introduced into phones... such leaps are not a continuous, steady improvement.

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