A Killer App for the Ps3 at Last

From Gamer.blorge:

"LittleBigPlanet, or LBP as it is referred to by lazy people, is a game that blew everyone away when it was first demoed by Phil Harrison at GDC 2007. It has since been delayed a couple of times, but now that an October release date has all but been confirmed, it's time to take a serious look at the game and its chances of being a killer app for the Sony PS3."

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vegnadragon3726d ago

At last? Is this guy living in a cave?

Chandresh Patel3726d ago

He was referring to a new Ps3 IP doing millions and millions in sales,like,6-8 Million in sales.

If Marketed?Little Big Planet could very well have the Nintendogs and the Sims effect,that is,it'll be a game that sells for years to come.

PoSTedUP3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

dont worrie about it, its just more hate from the biased media ya know. (or he has really been living in a cave lol)

anyways.... LBP is shaping up to be another great game.

@chandresh- tru tru, its the new and improved mario! lol.

CaptainHowdy3726d ago

"AT LAST, just WHAT do they mean by that?!!!!!"

Overr8ed3726d ago

No hes just in extreme denial like Bangladesh.

crck3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

If that is the criteria for a "killer app" does that mean the PS2 as well as the 360 have yet to have one? The only ps2 games to do numbers like that were GTAs, MGS2, Gran Turismo and the Final Fantasy series. None of them were original IPs to the PS2 although an argument can be made for GTA 3 I guess. 360 has Gears of War but that's kind of a gray area. Since MS owns publishing rights to the first 2 games but does not own the IP. Putting those kinds of restrictions sounds ridiculous if you ask me.

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Chandresh Patel3726d ago

LBP is shaping up to being a huge Killer App,one that I will enjoy oh so much!

DaKid3726d ago

I can't wait for LBP, I may end up missing a few classes.

shelbygt333725d ago

I'll hold my thoughts until I can play a demo. To be honest, while the graphics look cool, I don't think it's a type of game I'll enjoy.

Viktor E3726d ago

Little Big Planet is the next Super Mario Brothers

Bangadoshish3726d ago

The GTA of this Generation!

SmokingMonkey3726d ago

i totally agree

SONY may finally have its mascot

A fully customizable SACKBOY&GIRL no color, race, ethnicity, rank.....just FUN


cmrbe3726d ago

No game has ever manage to become a Sony mascot game but if any game could do it i reckon it would be LBP. If it manages to do that then that is quite a feat in itself knowing how varied the PS fanbase is.

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morganfell3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

tof? Putting something in a moth? How is that huffing working out for you as a form of recreational drug use? On second thought don't answer. I don't want you drooling on me.

You are a gangster? No you are just stupid son and likely a huge disappointment to your family.

You are getting the ignore button just because I have a rule against communicating with unknown preschoolers.

And for the record the PS3 has had a killer app already. Several.

juuken3726d ago

I agree Viktor.
This game will rock.

ICUP3726d ago

Go back sucking on MS d1ck.

TheAveragePs3User3726d ago

ps3'as lbbps is gotys and betur thans marius anbd lbp2 toget her !1!!11!I know tahst for a fect cuz im cool ansd hav ps3 for exxpensive dollars.

theKiller3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

everybody report as spam and take a bubble from him!! he is very offensive and out of the topic!


please can u fix what u writing or just speak english because hardly anybody can read what u wrote!!


back on topic: thats what i said from long time ago, that is has the potential to be the Mario for ps3 and maybe even better!!
am looking forward to this game!!

remember from who u heard it first, when this game release ps3 sales will match if not surpass the wii sales and the game will sell millions!

NOTE:notice i didnt mention the 360 because already 360 in distinct third in sales


NOTE: notice how the bots army come at our section news just to troll and offend!! and if u go to 360 news section u wont see many ps3 fanboys wasting their time on a losing console!

it shows that the bots already know it that they lost and how desperate they r and all whats left for them is spreading rumors about LBP not exclusive by going to PC(a dieing game format) and just troll with no logic!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3726d ago

Where is xBox 360's Killer App??? ;-D

Montrealien3725d ago

I can't wait for this game, but pls....don't overkill on the hype. It's just sad.

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Viktor E3726d ago

And it is a Playstation 3 Exclusive

Bangadoshish3726d ago

Microsoft will never get their greedy Paws on this one

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chrisnick3726d ago

that was really, really gay.

-Maverick-3726d ago

Is the idiot Nasim pretending to be a 360 fanboy hahahaha

What a pathetic loser.

Nasim no one likes the PS3. You have so many accounts its amazing.

Xbox 360>>>>>>> ;>..PSLastPlace number3

3726d ago
-Maverick-3726d ago

shut up Nasim.

And yes, PS3 is crappy garabage with only 186 crap ports of the superior Xbox 360 versions.

juuken3726d ago

Why don't you guys go play in traffic instead of talking sh*t every five seconds?

Isaac3726d ago

First of all that is most likely queefy B, not Nasim, since Nasim is probably Cahill. Learn to recognize writing patterns before you start typing and grow up, morons.

BTW, wasn't maverick a Ps3 fan? Was his account cloned again? Or is he a Troll like Silogon? Just curious.

TheDeadMetalhead3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

And if you haven't guessed it already, this ISN'T one of them. You know these Xbots are dumbasses when they start argueing amongst themselves! Seriously, I don't have anything against the average Xbot. But it's idiots like Maverick and PoG that give the few smart ones a bad name

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I don't know much about this game. It's a platformer similar to the NES/SNES Mario games, right? It looks like it could kick a lot of ass! (although the graphics don't look all that mind-blowing. Oh, well. Graphics aren't all that important!) :D

CrizzleC243726d ago

How ironic that Victory's failure was a victory for the 360 users (kinda forshadowing the ps3 eh Victory?).

I await many dissagrees (around 2-7 or how ever many accounts"victory" has).

theKiller3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )


everybody spam him and no need to reply to him! obviously he made his new account to be offensive and troll with no logic or argument
the admins should give him a permanent banned from n4g soon!


he was a ps3 fan but the news of FF13 going to 360 shocked him and pissed him off so he converted!! but dont worry by this years end he will come back to the big family


halo 3 wasnt good at graphics and still sold a lot, katamary damency didnt either, guitar hero didnt wii sports didnt, wii fit didnt either! my point is u dont need the best graphics to have the most enjoyable and fun games!! and LBP graphics i say its clearer and more detailed(better) than halo 3 in my opinion, so thats still very good for LBP!! i played halo 3 in some forest and my eyes got messed up after it, it was too shiny and not so detailed as i thought!

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