Capcom: Piracy is not the reason why PC's Bionic Commando is more expensive

Shacknews writes: "The $5 price hike for the PC edition of GRIN's downloadable platformer Bionic Commando "has nothing to do with Piracy concerns," Capcom business development and strategic planning VP Christian Svensson has informed Shacknews.
Though the title will sell for $9.99 when it hits consoles next week, Svensson explained that the $14.99 price for the PC version, also due next week, stems from "different business terms/expectations in that sector." He added that "the typical downloadable price for digital-only games on PC is actually $19.99."

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Old Snake3775d ago

This game should cost more than 10 bucks, considering the other sh!ttyer games that sell for more

Gamekilla3775d ago

a relatively higher price point will encourage piracy, be keeping the game at a low cost, many people would buy it despite piracy (see: audiosurf)

Charmers3775d ago

Nope that is fair enough, piracy is not the reason why the price is five bucks more. I can accept that, nothing wrong with that. I just hope Capcom are as accepting when no PC gamer actually bothers with Bionic Commander and they don't go crying about piracy. But I bet you any money they do start moaning it was piracy that killed sales.

I would like to pledge I will not pirate this game, I won't buy it either but then you can't have everything Capcom. If you ever get round to making a game us PC gamers are interested in do let me know.

Vazz3775d ago

Yeah this is ridiculous, they're just gonna lose customers with this stunt. I was thinking of getting it but not anymore. And I know $5 isn't much but it's the principle of the thing.