OXM UK: Top Spin 3 Review

OXM UK writes: "Fire up Top Spin 3 and your first port of call really ought to be the training area. If, like us, you're expecting it to play like a clone of Virtua Tennis 3, you're going to be more than a little confused.

Why? Well, unless you work out exactly how to play the game before leaping in, your character will spend most of his time just standing there, as the ball whizzes past him.

You see, it's all about timing. Now we know all sports games say this, but TS3 really has implemented this well. If you hit the ball too early, your man over-reaches and stumbles. Go for a ball too late and he digs it out from behind him and stumbles. Either way, it's you that looks like the idiot who can't play games properly."

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