2008 Fall Dashboard Preview: Installations Revealed

A Video found by Gametrailers forum user NextGenSucks on game installations for the new 2008 Dashboard Update.


New Source Video can be found on youtube:

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MazzingerZ3726d ago

Looks better than the blades. I'm more curious about which game MSFT will start distribuiting via XBL, the reason for all this is not directly the optional installs but digital distribution of games similar to what can be found over the PSN. The only negative with this is that owners needs to buy a new HD, the rest is just positive things, better games, less crappy XBLA, competition between XBL and PXN that will result in better prices for users on aither console.

Looking good!

power of Green 3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

"I'm more curious about which game MSFT will start distribuiting via XBL"

They've been doing that for months, just because they havn't done anything outside of the *XBL Arcade market* and *Xbox originals market* doesn't mean they are not distribuiting via XBL.

Gondee3726d ago

They say that if you had a disk 2 you could install only that one. But still play off the the first disk =)

According to majornleson podcast

MazzingerZ3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

@power of green


I'm talking about digital distribution of REAL next-gen games, 5 GB and higher, original games not handhelds ports, nor games like Joust, Frogger, Paperboy and only god knows what else...they are cleaning up that mess now, which is good. I know very well about all that as I owned a X360 during a whole year.

To be more clear: Games like Warhawk, Socom:Confrontation, Wipeout HD, SIREN: BC, GT5P

GOTY 20073726d ago

Agreed mate! It's gonna be sweet!

power of Green 3726d ago

My point has more to do with the excuse in your post about claiming PS3 had still 1uped the 360 (in your mind). My comment was pun for your off topic comment and the excuse you posted to mention PS3.

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Omega43726d ago

Cant wait for this, might just have to buy an elite if they dont drop the 120GB harddrive price

Silellak3726d ago

I'm gonna need a bigger hard drive :|

sak5003726d ago

Yep, my 20gb (13free) from launch still has 10.9gb but with fall update and installable games i think it will be time to upgrade. MS LISTEN TO YOUR LOYAL GAMING AUDIENCE AND DROP THE PRICE OF 120GB...

HAZ33726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

You can now install full games on the 360 HDD faster than it takes to install 3-5GB on other consoles. Even better, is the fact it's optional.

Silellak3726d ago

We were doing perfectly fine here, there was absolutely no reason to bring up the PS3 and turn this into ANOTHER fanboy wank-off.

OMGLOLZ3726d ago

Come on, take a break from the console bashing for once, it's a good idea to e-rest every now and again...

3726d ago
tatotiburon3726d ago

"Oh well, there aren't that many good games on 360 anyway, so the 20GB will suffice. "

More better games than PS3...or you wanna check metacritick? i guess not

kinggeoff3726d ago

go be a tool elsewhere please

vdesai3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

IM DAMN tired of these damn fanboys they should be permanetly banned from the gamer zone. I prefer the PS3 myself but I may be getting a 360 soon. Is there any easy way too mod the drive too use any type of hard drive? Well anyhow I think both sides can agree on one thing banning those fanboys.

And the thing is most PS3 installs dont take that much space anyhow.

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