PSI Review: NCAA Fotball 2009

PSI reports:

''NCAA Football 09 features all of the traditional modes and offerings fans have come to expect from the series. Aside from Dynasty mode, Campus Legend is where you'll find a lot of the game's meat. The mode hasn't changed too much from last year's version. You still make a player and guide him through his college career. You'll still have to go through practice, classes and outside social activities, but the entire interface has been streamlined. You can skip through the week-to-week activities and focus just on the game. Like last year, Campus Legend is a lot of fun, but wears thin after the first season or two.

Getting back to Dynasty Mode, you can now play with up to 12 players in Online Dynasty Mode. In order to participate in a Dynasty, you need to be invited, giving you access to a special online lobby. One player will take the role of commissioner and set up all of the rules and regulations, as well as the difficulty level. The commissioner can also change play schedules to ensure that you'll play against human opponents. When online, you'll compete against other players in games and for recruits. It's pretty clear that EA put a lot of thought into planning; the commissioner can "force" weekly progression by either simulating the week or even booting players who join and are never seen again or refuse to participate. New players can also join in if your numbers ever get too low.

Whether online or off, Dynasty has been streamlined. You can now have the A.I. deal with certain details and it's easier to get in touch with recruits. Recruiting seems to be one of the franchise's "love it or hate it" features, and the lack of major changes this year won't do much to sway you either way. I've personally never enjoyed recruiting; it's dry and gets tedious after a while.''

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