IGN: Space Chimps PS2/Wii Review

IGN writes: "Space Chimps is a 3D action platformer based on the CG animated movie that tanked at the box office. To my surprise, when I got deep into it, I realized Space Chimps the game wasn't half bad. Don't get me wrong, some of it is bad. However it is clear that Brash Entertainment does not subscribe to the fact that games based off of movies have to suck in all regards.

In Space Chimps you control either Ham, a chimp who can stomp on enemy's heads, or Luna, his whip/projectile wielding chimpanion. The story in Space Chimps is clearly segmented throughout each level and does a mediocre job at painting you the big picture. For whatever reason you start out on a desert-like alien planet, and it seems like 99-percent of the aliens in the game want to kill you. You will face creatures of small to medium shapes and sizes. Some look like the headcrabs in the Half-Life series, while others are macho aliens that carry spears."

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