Ace Games Review: Big Beach Sports

Ace Games writes: "Sports games seem like a natural fit for the Wii, combining the excitement of the actual activity with the natural exertion involved in using a motion-sensing remote as a controller. Wii Sports shipped with every Wii console in Europe and the United States, meaning that the vast majority of Nintendo gamers worldwide have played it - so it's no wonder that other companies want a slice of that tasty, tasty mini-game pie.

Once such company is THQ, whose Big Beach Sports features a budget selection of six sports themed mini-games. It's a very mixed bag and the company seem to be working on the principle that if they distract you with enough mini-games then you'll forgive the patchy hit rate. They must not remember how the majority of gamers found Monkey Ball's menagerie of sixty mini-games akin to donating bone marrow without an anaesthetic."

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