Six Traditional Strategy Role Playing Games on Android

Carl Williams writes, "Okay, I am a retro gamer from the old days. I have been playing since the days of Pong into the Atari 2600 era through to today. When the crash happened I just thought it was a resetting of the industry- it kind of was. During my younger years I was a huge fan of the action games, not only because that was really all we had either. When I got my first taste of turn based strategy role playing though, I was almost instantly hooked. Sure, I had the usual awkward stage of “what is this?” then after keeping on and pushing forward, I figured out the basics and started really enjoying the style. One of my earliest memories of this style of game was back on the Commodore 64 but I can’t remember the title of the game. The earliest popular title, in this genre, I remember enjoying was Shining Force on the Sega Genesis. Since then I have followed the genre through Vandal Hearts (Konami/PSOne), Shining Force II/CD (Sega/Genesis and Sega CD) and of course, Final Fantasy Tactics (I playing FFTA on the GBA a ton). Now I am more of an Android gamer and well, I learned early on there are not a lot of options in this genre on Google’s OS. I did find a few and they are listed here."

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MultiConsoleGamer1103d ago

I've been looking for standard RPGs to play on Android, without all the modern pay to play and pay to win stuff you normally see in Android titles.

triverse1103d ago

There are a few on this list that offer in app purchases, while there are others that are simply buy and you are done. All of them are worth playing though and as far as I can tell, none are "pay to win" with the IAP.

DittoHefner1103d ago

I don't think anything can beat Final Fantasy Tactics when it comes to this genre. Many come close but none can match, much less surpass, this gem.

We are long overdue for a true sequel.