Top 10 Worst Video Game Plot Twists

Everything was going so well, then you just HAD to throw in a non-sensical, confusing plot twist and ruin everything. Here are the top 10 worst video game plot twists of all time.


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Horofil1077d ago

FInal Fantasy X and MGS2? No, just no. They had really good plot twists.

scark921077d ago

Yeah I agree! I also disagree with Heavy Rain, I thought it was fantastic, and that plothole they mention was dumb...

FranzKafka1077d ago

Spoiler follows!

I see nothing wrong with Scott Shelby being the origami killer either. It's convenient in that it dispenses with the need to introduce some new NPC and his ulterior motives, and interesting because it uses the "lawman turned deranged murderer" formula in a very peculiar way. Not to mention that it rekindles the player's disposition to go through the game all over again, this time looking for signs of the real person behind the detective.

DittoHefner1077d ago

Yeah, this is a clickbait list. FFX was flawless.

bangoskank1077d ago

FF X's twist was the best part of that game. Hit me in the feels real good.

Effects1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Gotta disagree with mgs2 and ffx having bad twists, especially ffx. That twist makes Tidus story that much sadder. Also I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure Auron isn't a dream, he was just unsent, not the same thing Tidus and Jecht were.

scark921077d ago

Brings a sense of hopelessness, damn it was sad..

Tiqila1045d ago

since the author seems to dislike story twists that involve 'dreams', I wonder why Link's Awakening is not on that list.

I think these story twists were all great.