New Infinite Undiscovery Scan

A new scan for Infinite Undiscovery has surfaced.

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foodbox3775d ago

Another stellar game for Xbox 360. MS sure did help bring a great, very well rounded library of AAA exclusives to the Xbox 360.

Not only do these games sell well, but they get exceptional reviews from the critics.

I'm really looking forward to this game. It looks awesome.

green3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

This game looks great.Less than a month left for my copy to arrive.

-Too Human august,
-Infinite Undiscovery september,
-Fable 2 october and
-Last Remnant a month and a half later and i still have not completed Lost Odyssey after 60 hours of game play.

Too many RPG's to little time to complete them.

SuKiT3775d ago

The hits will be coming fast and furious for a while now. Let's not for get that Fallout3 also drops in October. RPG Heaven time. Let the Gaming Goodness arive :)

green3775d ago

Yes the masterpiece that will be known as Fallout 3.But sorry Bethesda, i have decided to delay the purchase of that game till spring 09.

elitewh0re3775d ago

with you on that one, fallout will have to wait for a bit, got my too human and IU preordered.. just too many games coming out this last quater.. need money bad haha