Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says: "To help fend off their constantly improving competition, Konami is bringing Silent Hill back into gamers' minds with their upcoming title Silent Hill: Homecoming. Appropriately named, this game will help to evolve the incredibly popular franchise rather than completely reworking it. Prescribing to the "if it's not broke, don't fix it" mentality, players can expect Homecoming to play out similarly to previous titles in the series. This isn't to say it will be the same game, as we've already seen some interesting tweaks and changes that will alter how this game will be played."

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WhittO3720d ago

they are fixing the camera angles !! that was probably the only thing i didnt like about previous silent hill games - It was so annoying sometimes like coming out of a room and you cant see anything infront of you but your feet lol.

Looking forward to this Silent Hill, my favourite has been Silent Hill 2, never played the 3rd, 4th was ok but i like the look of this game alot more.

Mr Fancy Pants3720d ago

i been playing Siren and it is an awesome game, now i have become an horror/survival fan! so i want this game to be good because i need more! ;-)