Ars Technica Review: Aurora Feint, inscrutable name, delightful game

Ars technica writes: "How good is Aurora Feint: The Beginning?

It's good enough to get in a fight with your wife over, that's how good. As to what, exactly, Aurora Feint is, imagine Tetris or Bejeweled with elements of fantasy role playing, though more erudite gamers will recognize it as similar to Puzzle Quest. Aurora Feint owes something to them all, but Aurora Feint: The Beginning is a new and exclusive game for the iPhone and iPod touch too.

Starting with mood music that permeates the play, Aurora Feint demonstrates that Apple's devices are worthy competitors of Nintendo and Sony. The graphics are crisp and detailed, the motion fluid, and the game play makes excellent use of the multitouch interface and accelerometer, but that's getting ahead of the game."

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Marceles3724d ago

This was a great game, I got everything and my guy is on lvl 90. I guess that's the limit..