Gamers Universe: 1942: Joint Strike Review

Gamers Universe writes: "In a month that saw release of the risible Double D Dodgeball and Go Go Break Steady!, it's difficult not to expect the worst from new Xbox Live Arcade titles. Fortunately, Capcom knows a thing or two about arcade heritage and so 1942: Joint Strike attempts to nail the spirit of the original shooter while taking shrewd advantage of Xbox 360 functionality - encapsulating the XBLA raison d'être in one neat package. Sit down, strap yourself in, and party like it's 1984. Isn't that what we signed up for?

As a top-down shooter, Joint Strike retains the classic gameplay that created a once-legendary arcade sensation. Three different aircraft present themselves at the start of each session, each one offering advantages in terms of speed, attack power and defence. Making your way through all five levels is a daunting task, so choosing a plane that suits your playing style is a must. Joint Strike isn't the quickest or most complex of shooters but neither are the aircraft under your command - lending a sense of vulnerability to the whole affair."

+Retains classic 1942 gameplay
+Addictive and tough
+Online co-op
+Visually impressive
+Simple mechanics

-Too hard for some
-Only five levels
-Very hectic

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