Beyond The D-Pad: Top 10 PSN Games

With an overwhelming amount of quality games that have been released on the Playstation 3 it's easy to overlook some of the games on the PlayStation Network. However I am here to tell you that would be a mistake. Instead I will offer you a list of the top 10 PSN games.

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MiloGarret4542d ago

I don't know if they were ordered relative to their quality, but if they were Wipeout HD should be on top and Stardust HD second, there's no comparison between those two and the others, they're in a league of their own. IMO.....

Ryo-Hazuki4541d ago

PJ Eden should have been on that list

Lastlivingsoul4541d ago

I'm okay with this list, except take out the end it's really kinda lame. I agree with PJM being number #1 and stardust #2...pixel junk eden, and supersonic acrobaticrocket-powered battle cars...whatever it's called should be there. And no echochrome or worms?

Zvolen4541d ago

@Milo: Quality obviously was considered but so were a lot of things but it ultimately came down if I personally enjoyed and how game time I got out of it and how much fun it was.

@Infamous: Surprisingly I never really liked Eden despite my love for PJM. For some reason it never "hooked" me.

@LastLiving: I agree its redundant, I think I even mentioned that, but its a different concept and a lot more entertaining when playing where others. Plus they are other modes and trophies one can achieve.

Initially I didn't have it on my list but for some reason felt bad doing so. Oh well.