Jonathon Blow Responds to Braid Pricing Criticism

In an interview taped for this week's episode of The 1UP Show, Braid creator Jonathon Blow responded to one of the few outspoken critiques of his well-received puzzle-platformer: that the game costs too much. Blow revealed that one of the main reasons it costs 1,200 Microsoft points is because it doesn't have a lot of hype behind it.

"If those [niche audiences] are the only people who like this a lower price, I would basically be bankrupt or in debt," Blow explained. "If it sells like a mid- to high-end successful Live Arcade title, then we could have gone at 800 points, and then sales would have probably been even better."

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Bangladesh3728d ago

His game developing career is about to take off. I'm still shocked by the fact that a single person created such an awe inspiring game. In 2D no less.

xxjeran123xx3727d ago

I have not heard of the game before, is it as good as everyone is saying?

projectile3727d ago

Its awesome! There are many reviews out now and I don't think I have seen any bad ones.