Total War: Warhammer developer responds to Chaos DLC anger

On October 22nd, a trailer popped up on the Total War YouTube page, confirming the release date of the newest instalment in the franchise, Total War: Warhammer, but also came with some saddening news for both Warhammer and Total War fans alike.

However, Creative Assembly today replied to fan concerns.

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ThunderPulse2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Lies you can;t just cut out a core race and make it DLC that's just BS.

tanukisuit2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I don't get CA, they perfected the formula with Shogun 2 (the expansions and paying for blood DLC was stupid though) and now everything is falling apart! As a long time fan, I might wait on this like Rome 2. A lot of changes are so unnecessary for this series...

The93Sting2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I wish we could go back to the ps1/ps2 era.. where the game comes full with the disc and no DLCs no MTs no BS.

Greed is a thing among developers this generation, I hate it and I would never support it.
Day 1 DLC = DLC is a cut content from the game so F that.

Roccetarius2641d ago

They already mentioned their DLC plans shortly after revealing the game, which is just another reason i'm not laying down money for it at launch. I'm just not falling for their practices.

Viryu2641d ago

"In actuality, the Chaos Warriors DLC isn’t cut content. It’s something that simply couldn’t have happened without being pre-order DLC"

That literally makes no sense. How can something "has" to be a pre-order? Day 1 patch would have fixed the issue if you were still finishing it or something.