Total War: Warhammer - Interview With Richard Aldridge

"We've talked with Richard Aldridge about Total War: Warhammer, the upcoming strategy game set in the fantasy universe owned by Games Workshop."

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VER1ON2647d ago

Might try this one for a change.

Alexious2647d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of strategy games but I enjoyed the demo, and I like Warhammer, so I'll get it.

Alexious2647d ago

It's quite fun to play, more than I expected!

Chris_Wray2647d ago

Answers a few questions! They have boobed with the Chaos part, but since it's planned as a trilogy of Warhammer based Total War games then there's time. Of course Warhammer has so many different settings/styles so they can't feature the entirety of Warhammer in one game.

Imp0ssibl32647d ago

Indeed. I'm pumped for this, let's hope they get DX12 into the game for launch!

kaiserfranz2647d ago

That would be great, the draw calls improvements should make for huge performance benefits.