The likely 100 launch games for Xbox One backwards compatibility

:But what are those 100 games going to be? We’ve been keeping an ever-updating list of titles earmarked, name-dropped or otherwise being flagged as coming to backwards compatibility. We now have 139 games on that list, and 39 will not make the cut for day one, while some others surprise reveals may occur at the death.

From our interpretation of what has been said thus far by Microsoft and developers through interviews and social feeds, this is our pick for the 100 games that will be available on launch day."

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SlappingOysters1268d ago

Solid list and I agree with most of them. What I don't understand is the Halo games - I have seen them on the imagery too, so I know they will be BC, but why would you do that just after you release the Master Chief Collection?

sarahnade1268d ago

'Spose it's for the people who didn't waste their money on the collection.

YinYangGaming1268d ago

I 'spose it is for the people who don't own the collection but a waste? The MCC comes with Halo 1 - 4 plus ODST all campaigns and all 4 Multiplayers, anniversary remaster of Halo 2, it came with the Halo 5 beta and it comes with many other extra's.. I'd hardly call the MCC a 'waste' of money

_-EDMIX-_1268d ago

Waste? Is BC putting them in a new engine? Is BC adding online to those titles?
I don't think I would call MCC a "waste".

Having a title, doesn't mean you have all its features, just cause I can play an old game from 10 years ago, doesn't mean its online is still up.

I'd rather have a REMASTER or REMAKE in that regard.

As I want Activision to make a COD4 remaster vs here is it in BC form with crappy networking if any at all.

SlappingOysters1268d ago

I am with you EDMIX - I want to play Deus Ex before the follow-up comes out, and i will be paying for the actual Xbox One version, not the older 360 one.

ChuckTheIceMan1268d ago

Well the master chief collection is a whole new set of achievements.

Automatic791268d ago

The MCC collection came out a year ago, plus there are folks who never got rid of the Xbox 360 versions.

GoPanthers9991268d ago

I totally agree with the exception of Halo 4. I would appreciate Halo 4 for the online multiplayer modes.

3-4-51268d ago

Reach isn't in the Master Chief collection and neither is Halo wars.

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isa_scout1268d ago

All I need is South Park stick of truth. I loved that game, but never got past Al Gores boss fight. I'd love to go back and beat it before the new South Park game comes out.

vikingland11268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I agree, Stick Of Truth came out close to when Xbox One released. Alot of people traded in their 360's before they got to play it, including myself.

Edit: I would also like Fable anniversary for the same reason as I stated above.

Effects1268d ago

I feel like all 3 mass effects would be part of this not just 1. Anyways all the games I would want I feel fall under niche category like sonic all stars racing transformed, so that kinda sucks.

SlappingOysters1268d ago

I think Mass effect 1 was through MS, but the other two were not. And I think that means they will end up on EA Access instead.

UnHoly_One1268d ago

EA access and Backwards compatibility are two different things.

Even if EA wants to give them away with EA access, they still have to allow BC for them to work on the XB1.

Perjoss1268d ago

Lets face it, a Mass Effect HD Trilogy for XB1 and PS4 is inevitable. Even if it only had very basic cosmetic work done it would sell really well, so it would be dumb not to do it.

Jmanzare1268d ago

Ea said they have absolutely no interest in remasters

RomanPSX1268d ago

If they are adding fallout 3 they should add fallout new vegas.

randomguy351268d ago

I'd like to see Fight Night Champion,The Orange Box, and Left 4 Dead 2.

MeliMel1268d ago

Im with you. I feel like we need a new Fight Night or boxing game in general. Alot of people might be turned off by the actual sport nowadays but the games are great!

Father Murder X1268d ago

Damn I thought I was the only one. They need a new fight night game.

Dissidia1268d ago

It's like EA traded making fight night for UFC. I've been hoping they've been working on fight night under wraps for a big comeback on next gen.

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