Tomba! 2 English Version Now Available On The North American PlayStation Store

GS:" A little while ago something rather unusual happened on the North American PlayStation Store. The PlayStation One platform game Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Returns has been made available for purchase in North America but it was later discovered that only the Japanese version has been made available. As the game comes with role playing game elements, this made the game pretty much unplayable for those experiencing it for the first time. Last week it's finally been confirmed that the English version of the game was going to be made available in North America soon and now we can confirmed that Tomba! 2: The Evils Swine Returns is indeed available for purchase on the PlayStation Store."

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shaenoide2271d ago

is the first available too?

TWB2271d ago

Yeah, its been available for a couple of years already and in english.

Zichu2271d ago

The first has been available for a while I think. I know it's available on the UK PSN store. Tombi/Tomba is one of my favourite games and I still own a copy of the game on PS1, but it's scratched quite a lot. It works fairly well.

TWB2271d ago

To this day Im pissed that I let the first Tombi to slip by so easily. It was like in 2005 or so when they weren't yet expensive cult classics, I saw the game for 50€ in my local used games store.

I recognized the game (because I had the second game) but decided to pass on it because the case and manual looked somewhat damaged, the disc was in kinda bad shape and I didnt find the backside that interesting (+ it was too pricey).

Later I heard that the same store had sold the game in 2012 for 200€ when they had removed the scratches and swapped the disc case.

-Gespenst-2271d ago

Not as good as the first game (one of my favourite games of all time), but definitely worth playing. It plays the same as the first one, only the characters are 3D, rather than sprites. It's not as good as the first one in the music department or the general art direction department. Also, the world isn't as memorable or interesting.

God I wish Tokuro Fujiwara would make a third Tomba game though.

addictedtochaos2271d ago

Finally, never got to play this back in the day.