Nidzumi: Wall-E Review: Averagely Competant

Nidzumi writes: "Another Pixar movie recently hit in the form of Wall-E and unlike the last few films it doesn't star an animal but it does feature the adventures of the lovable robot Wall-E. He's a robot who helps clean up the world after it's been polluted by the big franchise Buy N Large. The film so far as received great critical acclaim from movie critics worldwide mainly for it's charming story and heartwarming characters. It has also been praised for appealing to both kids and adults although with video games that's not as easy.

The opening levels of Wall-E are essentially large platform-esque obstacle courses. These rarely present a challenge but do tend to offer slight thrills. Certain obstacles such as spinning pipes with holes in them have to be taken carefully. It's a shame that this aspect of the game never really gets going as it could have been developed into an interesting game. All these levels really need is variation and a challenge."

Pros - Charming Graphics - Great Sound & Music - Can Offer Tense Moments

Cons - Disjointed Last Section - Too Repetitive - Narrow Minded Demographic

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