Naughty Dog Responds to Uncharted Criticism from Deus Ex Creator

Chris Mawson writes: "Naughty Dog has responded to criticism from Deus Ex creator Warren Spector that its Uncharted series fails to make the most of the opportunities provided by the video game medium."

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nidhogg2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

It's good that instead of arguing back, ND just applied the criticism as truth. I like these veteran developers arguing instead of petty arguments like what people like Fish does on twitter. Lol.

Army_of_Darkness2698d ago

If I was ND, I wouldn't have even wasted my time replying... Only time I would Is if their game is more successful.

floetry1012698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

If you'd read the original comment, you'd know that it wasn't even something that constitutes criticism, simply an observation of Spector's desire to make a game where the PLAYER is enacting all story events. It's a very even handed comment.

zidane13412698d ago

Army of darkness: um he did, 20 years ago. It's called Deus Ex.

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freshslicepizza2698d ago

nd is among the top developers in the world so their input is going to be well documented. the struggle will always be about balancing games that cater to previous fans while trying new ideas and exploring ways to expand it's already huge audience.

a game like uncharted 4 brings the masses to the already popular ps4 platform. it's a large title that will help build even more recognition and this ensures you have a large fanbase who will follow you into a new ip. naughty dog are talented enough to come out with new games as proven by the last of us. they also have the leverage from sony that allows them to have creative freedom.

Mr Pumblechook2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Warren Spector is basically criticising the Uncharted series for telling a specific character's story (Drake's) and not being as interactive or as personal as some games. But this is like criticising a dog for going woof! Uncharted delivers a very specific type of game experience. He doesn't understand that one single game can't be all things to all people.

However myself, as a fan of most genres, don't want everything to be an open world game. Sometimes I want to experience the very personal experience of a Skyrim, or have the expressive freedom of Minecraft. Or explore the tense world of The Last of Us or the action roller coaster ride of an Uncharted. There is room for all genres, no gamer is forced to play what they don't want. However Warren Spector seems unable to comprehend that the Uncharted franchise has bought millions of people joy. This does not mean the narrative led action platformer is a cheat, it means Naughty Dog are making best in genre games. This should not be coveted and demonised, this should be applauded.

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Dee_912697d ago

Yea, but you know how media loves to instigate.

morganfell2697d ago

When Spector makes a game like that he can talk. Until then he should take his has been rear end, tuck it between his legs, drink a big mug of Shut Up, and go hide. He talks about player engagement right after he praises Tell Tale.

He also can't keep a studio afloat so maybe he should consider ND's record there as well. He can go spend his time barking up smart phones as he has in the past.

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C-H-E-F2698d ago

low expression game? Deus-Ex was everything but expression. The main character has a "solid-snake" voice. Only warranted 1 play through out of me, and i'm a multiple play through kind of guy, I even replayed Alpha Protocol about 3-4 times for it's different endings. I love ND reply, I do, but this guy should be the last in the industry talking about ND games. UC and TLOU aren't decision based games, it's a linear story based game Not all games should be decision based. Just like not all games should be sports games, first person shooters, RTS, etc. etc. there are different games for different people. HMPH... Haters gonna hate.

mzupeman2697d ago

I don't see the negative here at all. It's them saying there's different strokes for different folks, and the industry is in a place where there are games enough for everyone. It's like the movie industry... you can't please everyone. Some people prefer the fun of Indiana Jones, others prefer something like Apocalypse Now or Taxi Driver.

Uncharted is designed to fulfill a certain need. And based on how popular the franchise is, I don't think anyone considers that a negative.

XanderZane2697d ago

Agreed. The same could be said for other games as well like Halo 5, Until Dawn, The Last of Us, Gears of War, Splatoon, etc.. All games that are fun to play, but aren't going to please everyone. All games that can be improved upon still. I think media press just like to spin everything as a negative just to get attention.

jb2272697d ago

@floetry....sounds like you didn't read the original comment, because it was more like an entire keynote speech devoted to 'what games are & should be'. He broke down Uncharted as less interactive than TWD, which tells me he may not have played either. Sure TWD allows your characters to say different things, but up until the final beats in season 2, the stories always end up hitting the same major beats. I don't see how that game model is somehow more commendable than the experience that Uncharted offers.

@mixdup...true he does have the right to voice his opinion, but gamers also have the right to tell him he's full of it when he calls for the death of their favorite franchises in favor of a landscape of RPGs & fighting games....sounds like looking backward a lot more than forward to me.

"As for gamers, he added, they should “vote with their dollars” to ensure designers put their players’ experience ahead of showing off “how clever they are”.

That's a call for a boycott of UC4, plain & simple, can you respectfully wish for things to fail?

3-4-52697d ago

They don't mind the criticism because they know parts of it are true and they themselves are heading in a new direction after Uncharted 4.

They don't care they he said this because many internally over there believe this as well, and its' why they are done with Uncharted for now and moving onto something maybe even better.

_-EDMIX-_2697d ago

While I agree on what Spector stated, its an objective statement.

“You have very limited ability to express yourself; it’s about how do you accomplish a predetermined path to get to the next plot point.”

This is 100% true with Uncharted, but that isn't a bad thing.

Uncharted isn't about making a blank character your own and making different paths. Its not an RPG, its not "YOUR STORY", its the Story of Nathan Drake.

Have deep ,deep respect for Warren Spector, but he is wrong on this suggestion as Uncharted isn't an RPG. I could care less about making a choice for Nathan Drake, he is his own person and your playing based on his concepts, not your own.

I've stated this many, many times regarding the whole multiplayer only arguments. Its not a one size fits all, people play games for many different reasons, we have many different genres for a reasons.

Every game doesn't need you to be able to change paths, make hard decisions etc, that is by developer choice and really genre choice.

I've played many games where you can and its amazing...I've played many games where you can't and its just as amazing.

They are added in RPGs for a reasons, they are removed from other titles for a reasons.

Let those who want to convey their concepts, do so how they feel it fits the genre and their IP.

I still like a game where I'm witnessing the actions and choices by someone else just as much as I like an RPG where I'm making those choices.

That is like saying EVERY FILM should have narration and be told from a first person point of view.

like film, like music....all games are not created equal.

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Thatguy-3102698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Kuddos to ND for replying the right way. Videogames have come a long way and I'm glad of the direction they have taken. Variety will help gaming thrive and it's evident of how it's doing so when you look at the games that were criticize by warren.

Germany72698d ago

Looks like that some people really don't care for different genres on gaming and always criticize a game for not being a moba, mmorpg or online only, instead being a single-player experience and focusing on narrative.

rainzor2698d ago

Doesn't most gamers make fun of moba and mmorpg games, calling them ugly dated low budget games.

zidane13412698d ago

Somebody got moba in my halo and I like it.

TheColbertinator2698d ago

Would agree with Warren but he hasn't really gone forward with his original visions since Epic Mickey. Naughty Dog is doing what their fans like even since the time of Crash Bandicoot.

Either way both great developers. Uncharted 2,Deus Ex and The Last of Us are among my top favorites

FoxyGotGame2698d ago

Except ...

I'd play a Naughty Dog game over anything Warren Spector has produced recently ..any day of the week.

Spector is not as relevant as he once was, though I do respect his contribution to the medium /

zidane13412698d ago

He has a valid point. Deus ex is still one of the most freedom driven game to this day. It was like 15 years ago. I'd replay Deus ex over replay uncharted any day.

WildArmed2698d ago

This. Deus Ex was an amazing game, and has a lot of amazing replay value.

Not to say Uncharted games are a bad game, they are good in what they planned in achieving.