TGR Review: Dreamlords

Nick McCavitt Writes:

"The MMO genre has expanded greatly, gathering more and more momentum and popularity as it goes along, and has produced some very worthwhile titles such as Everquest, Tabula Rasa, EVE Online, and more. Despite the many worthwhile features these games offer fans of the genre, one of the downsides is the expense that comes with being an MMO fan. There's a large effort in time and money that comes with playing an MMO, but while the time issue may be a continued presence in the genre, the expense question is being worked on with such games as Rappelz, Guild Wars, Runescape, and others. One of the newest additions to this "come one, come all" subsection of the MMO genre is Dreamlords, created by Lockpick Entertainment to bring a free MMO experience to players all across the Internet."

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