93 Million Dollar Budget And Still No Official Release Date

Star Citizen holds the world record for the highest crowdfunded project. With 93 million dollars committed by supporters it rivals the development budget of AAA games. Three years later the game still does not have an official release date.

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TwoForce1271d ago

Seriously, this game need to have released date now.

Tech51271d ago

The Star Citizen Speech trailer says 2016.

ShottyGibs1270d ago

Lol... simple as that.
Just goes to show how little research the author of the article did

Dee_911271d ago

That's a dumb title/perspective
A lot of money doesn't really correlate to a definite release date, I would think it would cause the opposite. Considering the amount of money on the line.

livininsin1271d ago

Seriously, The kickstarter was less than 3 years ago!!!

Development cycle of other games:

Aliens: Colonial Marines - 12 years
Diablo III - 11 years
Too Human - 10 years
Spore - 8 years
Team Fortress 2 - 8 years
L.A. Noire - 7 years
Starcraft II - 7 years
Fallout 3 - 6 years
Morrowind - 6 years
Alan Wake - 6 years

Why not pick on games that have actually been in development hell for a long time and still don't have a release date like The Last Guardian (8 years, no date) or Final Fantasy XV (9 years, no date) just to name a couple of obvious ones.

HeavenlySnipes1271d ago

you're joking if you believe all of those games were in full active development for that long lmao

livininsin1271d ago

Certainly, all those games were in some level of development for that time. Sure, maybe some of the longer times received a development reboot over the years but certainly I believe that some of the 6-7 year timelines were in active development continually.

I think the point of my comment was completely missed though so I guess I will have to explicitly spell it out.

The article talks like this game has been in development hell for decades and it talks like they have been sitting on $93 Million for that whole time. The reality is that the initial funding campaign only raised about $6.2 Million and more importantly, it ended less than 3 years ago. They didn't hit $93 Million until a couple of weeks ago. Large games, especially ones as ambitious as Star Citizen, routinely take more than 3 years to complete and it seems to me that completing a game of this magnitude 3 years after it's initial funding would be an utterly ridiculous expectation.

Rachel_Alucard1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


Too human -

Diablo 3 was scrapped after Blizzard North was shut down in 2005 and actual development started in 2008

Fallout 3 - From Wiki: "Bethesda Softworks started working on Fallout 3 in July 2004, but principal development did not begin until after The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and its related extras and plug ins were completed."

Aliens: Colonial Marines from the cancelled 2001 project and the 2013 Gearbox one are 2 different games entirely and actual development was started in 2006, then Randy and his goons kept allocating to work on Borderlands during that time, putting the release further and further.

The rest you have listed is about right, however it should be noted that some of those games dev time was spent making other games. Morrowind for example was conceived after Daggerfalls release and was put on hold until after Redguard and Battlespire released sometime in 1998. So actual full on development was about 4 years.

ThunderPulse1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

This game is the definition of "Development Hell".

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joab7771271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I can see both sides, b/c this is really the 1st time we are seeing the behind the scenes creation of a AAA game. On top of that, it's pushing boundaries of what mmo's are. Many are hanging their hat on this game to kick off the next evolution of mmo's.

Other games, we simply do not see during development. Imagine if we could see the making of every game, all the problems, the pressures etc. Even companies like Bethesda and Naughty Dog would have us tearing our hair out wondering wtf!

In all honestly, when you compare the time taken w/ contemporary games dev cycles, it's doing wonderfully. But, it must be terrible to work there b/c the push is hard and eyes are everywhere.

And the expectations are through the damn roof. Not as a kickstarter, an indie, or whatever. We are looking at this game like it's another Bethesda and Rockstar game.

Good luck guys!

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SunnyZ1271d ago

So people are complaining about no release date?

Is that not the problem with current "AAA" games to begin with?

Unrealistic forced release dates brought upon by publishers/investors who want their god damn money ASAP, they do not care about the games quality, they want their $$$.

Look at batman Arkham Knight for PC. CLEARLY it was not ready to be released, but due to forced release dates it was, and it was horrible.

Deadlines and release dates do nothing to make a game good, they just tarnish it.


It will be done when it's done.


someOnecalled1271d ago

This is they chance to bash something on pc because of what happeed the other day. You know the hypocrisy article the magically disappeared from the site like many articles that don't favor a certain platform. Be prepared for more articles downplaying xbone, Wii, and of course pc.

This happen every time they get caught contradicting themselves. First the article disappear then downplay every good thing about other platforms

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