Xenoblade Chronicles X - Lin's outfits changed in the west

Nintendo and Monolith Soft have made a couple of changes to Xenoblade Chronicles X to reveal less skin for one of the game's characters.

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Yi-Long2658d ago

Ridiculous self-censorship. Pathetic.

EcoSos32658d ago

You have to remember that this is the US where we can have as much violence as possible, but when you show a little bit of nudity people go insane.

iplay1up22658d ago

I agree 100%. TV in other countries hasnwaaaaay less censorship. It's just a game and its T+ its not like GTA.

Bimkoblerutso2658d ago

You know, it actually doesn't seem that much less suggestive, to be honest. Is underboob more acceptable than regular cleavage for some reason? What a weird case of censorship...

Mykky2658d ago

I honestly don't mind. Having a thirteen old girl dressed up in perverted clothes doesn't really make the game very attractive to me. Though ameircas policy is total crap where you can't even show a niple but showing stabbing and murders are totaly fine.

deafdani2658d ago


Nope. Both the underboob and regular cleavage outfits are from the japanese game.

The other outfits, that looks more like little girl clothes... those are the censored versions.

Yeah. Pretty strong censorship here. :/

Yi-Long2658d ago

To me, the issue isn't about the 13 year old girl, or nudity.

I honestly couldn't care less.

The issue is censorship, and in this case, self-censorship, and IMHO, also completely unnecessary self-censorship. You're changing the character-design purely out of fear for the POSSIBLE reactions the design MIGHT get. That's just stupid.

And what's even more stupid is that the change is so minor, that in the end the outfit is STILL skimpy, although slightly less than before, so anyone who was going to get upset about a 13 year old girl in a skimpy outfit, will probably still do so.

She's 15 in the Western version BTW, which is also a stupid change, of course.

DragonKnight2658d ago

After the B.S. that Nintendo went through with their Tomodachi Life game, I don't blame them for taking any and every step possible to prevent the SJWs from coming down on them with their incessant whining about nothing.

Just imagine what would have happened had Nintendo not censored this game.


Bimkoblerutso2658d ago


Ah, I thought the two on the left were the Japanese and the two on the right were the American ones. Bad reading comprehension on my part.

God, that's terrible. Apparently Nintendo wants people to believe that 13 year old girls are wearing another full set of clothes underneath their clothes...this is bad even by censorship standards.

MrBrofist2657d ago

She is 13. That is the reason it was edited and in places like Australia, this can be considered child porn. They are very strict on that.

Duoma2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

i dont even know how you even got disagrees. whoever did is delusional as all hell lol. th contrast between the public outcry between the constant school shootings and when janet jacksons boob accidently flashed on tv is a perfect example of what you are saying. hell people get more outraged at thee celebrity bullcrap on tv than when another school shooting happens.

Edit: On a side note I can see where some would be up in arms seeing as how shes 13. this part is just my personal opinion: no girl under legal age should be wearing anything close to whats in that pic

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Phil322658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

The girl in question is 13. In Japan, child sexuality isn't as big a deal as in the West, where it could be construed as child pornography. If you find it pathetic, that's your perogative. I'd love to see you argue how not having a scantily-clad 13 year old makes this version of Xenoblade Chronicles X any worse without coming across as a creep.

Yi-Long2658d ago

Maybe not everyone in the world immediately thinks of sex when they see a child in a bathing suit or summer clothing...!?

Big_Game_Hunters2658d ago

@ yi long

Sure, But some people people do. Especially Fox News, Fem Frequency, and other similar parties with a large following. Its an image issue more than a moral issue with businesses. No large company wants to be viewed as the company that lets you sexualize 13 year old girls. Japan is different so its not an issue there.

Mykky2658d ago

Why would a thirteen year old wear a a bathing suit or summer clothing to a galactic war battle?

DragonKnight2658d ago

@Mykky: So you accept that a 13 year old is actually fighting a galactic war battle, but have a problem with what they're wearing to said battle? Wow.

moegooner882657d ago

Ironically people upset by this are no different from the supposedly sjw they complain about. They just want a 13 year old girl sexualized for the sake of it, nothing else.

Yi-Long2657d ago

@Moe: So you're saying that Nintendo or any company is completely right in changing an artist's vision/design purely because idiots will find an issue with it!?

So basically, you're perfectly fine with (self) censorship, or at the very least, you understand and agree with it...

Well, I don't.

I'm of the 'dont like it!? Then don't buy it' crowd.

GTA always gets a lot of negative whining as well. Should they just give in and start self-censorsing their product even more? What about Mortal Kombat?

(Self-censorship) is a very slippery slope, so you should want to stay off it completely.

Especially when there's nothing objectionable to begin with, and all the drama is mostly in the eye of the beholder.

Phil322657d ago

Yi-Long, you're comparing an unapologetic M-rated game in GTA V with a T-rated game in Xenoblade Chronicles X published by Nintendo, a family-friendly company. If you want to argue that it might devalue the artist's vision, that's fine and well. I disagree, but arguing that underboob on a 13-year old is subjective in viewing as sexual is being obtuse for the sake of being obtuse.

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marloc_x2658d ago

You dig sexy children?


DragonKnight2658d ago

Look boys and girls, this is what's called a strawman.

Yi-Long2657d ago

Like I already mentioned, I couldn't care less about 13 year olds or nudity.

If this had been a 80 year old guy in a small red Speedo that got (censored)/changed to adjust for your conservative western attitudes, I would have complained as well.

In fact, my whole post-history will show that I have always objected to (self-) censorship, be it the censorship of violence, or in this case Japanese character-design.

My point is that you shouldn't be changing the product ONLY in order to please a certain portion of the crowd because you are AFRAID they will cry foul about it.

Let them. If they immediately think of SEX when they see a young girl (looks like a Pug dog btw) in a skimpy outfit, well.. I think the problem is mostly with them.

Oh not to mention the fact she's completely fictional, digital, has a face like a Pug Dog, and is a 13 year old GENIUS that goes into war...(!)

But hey, let's just slut-shame her instead.

BTW, isn't America THE country that dresses up 8 & 9 year olds (and even younger) in Children's Beauty Pageants!? You know, REAL children who are made to dress and behave overly seductive, mature, etc etc...!?

Shnazzyone2658d ago

this is what sjw's are doing to gaming

Phil322657d ago

And people who call others SJWs are usually pathetic Gamergaters who harass anyone with threats and intimidation when they don't agree with their opinion instead of acting like adults. I'd rather be called an SJW than be associated with Gamergate.

MrBrofist2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

If SJW are keeping under age girls in questionable outfits away from my games then kudos to them!

superherox72657d ago

@Phil32 Lol. Do you really believe Gamergate is a hatemovement?
How about you do some research and stop lisening to what big brother tells you?

^Thats to get you started :3

Duoma2657d ago

the hell is a SWJ ? i hate when people assume everyone knows what an acronym means... thats why i hate acronyms.

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pcz2657d ago

are they going to leave the mech-suits in? or are they going to be replaced with little ponies with rainbow coloured hair?

marloc_x2657d ago

Are you rooting for the latter?😌

pcz2657d ago

if the ponies can fly and hold guns, i suppose its ok ;)

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R00bot2658d ago

Ehh, I wasn't gonna be equipping any of that creepy stuff anyway.

R00bot2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

What is the point then? You want to be able to equip this clearly underage child with overly sexualised bikini "armor"?
Sorry, I get that censorship can annoy some people, but I completely understand why it is utilized in this circumstance.
There really was nothing Nintendo could do, keep the clothing and people will ask why you can dress an underage girl in it, censor it and you get people crying out about censorship.
You can always equip this armor on any of the other female characters in the game (you know, the ones that aren't underage?)...

It's Nintendo's game, they can do what they want with it.

DragonKnight2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

There's an underage child? Where? I mean, the game has fictional non-people who aren't alive and incapable of actually being sexually molested so you can't be talking about Xenoblade right?

Stringerbell2658d ago

Nintendo has been doing this since the days of the NES. Nothing new to see here...

RosweeSon2658d ago

She's 13?! Dirty bastardos.

DragonKnight2658d ago

She's 0. She doesn't exist. She's a pixelated facsimile of a humanoid person with completely unrealistic body proportions to begin with, and if "she" had an age, it would actually be however long the development of the game was, not 13 years.

MRMagoo1232657d ago

I always say the same thing but they don't listen. They somehow think a pixel in a game us being abused. I just don't understand it at all. The ppl with the problem are the ones that can't see real life from video games like half the ppl in this thread.

Phil322657d ago

...You're actually making the argument that a digital character with a backstory and age by the developers is in fact not any age, so it doesn't matter? Holy God. The mental gymnastics being displayed here to have you people not come across as utter creeps is astounding. Wow.

DragonKnight2657d ago

You're actually considering that a fictional non-person has an age and is thus bound by real world societal expectations, norms, and "rules" so you shouldn't be talking about mental gymnastics.

I mean, you're upset about what color of pixels are being represented on a screen, because that's all this is. There is no outfit, it's pixels of a different shape and color made to represent an outfit and you're calling people creeps over it. Just think about that for a second. You're taking a moral position to defend the "purity" of non-existent people, at the same time you have no problem accepting that a 13 year old is fighting a war.

And you have the gall to talk about mental gymnastics? Wow.

MrBrofist2657d ago

She represents a 13 year old child.

Believe it or not, the are some creepos out there getting hot and bothered of these images.

Child pornography is a serious problem and this is why we should not encourage people to sexualize children/teens in any medium because people who lust after children uses these images for their own gratifications
and it's only a matter of time before someone gets tired of looking at porn and start perusing sex.

Also like I said before, some places like Australia are strict with these types of issues so they probably wouldn't be able to release it without it being edited

Eamon2657d ago

LOL @ Phil32

Could not have said it better myself.

DragonKnight2657d ago

Pedophiles don't need video games to be pedophiles. It's the standard argument used against any medium to force some kind of ideology or puritanism or any other agenda.

"There are psychopaths out there, so we shouldn't promote violence in video games."

"There are bigots out there, so we shouldn't promote racism in video games."

You name it, there's someone out there doing it. There are 7 billion people in this world, and you'll never stop all the sickos out there by censorship of any kind. If anything, you encourage them to become more secretive and more clever with how they go about being themselves.

Honestly. You people are arguing for the "innocence" and "purity" of a non-person, a non-entity, a facsimile with no agency, no self-awareness, no sentience, and no physical form. It's as if you think someone would see the costume, then go out and molest a 13 year old because of the game. Just like Anita Sarkeesian thinks we all go out and act with hatred and distrust of women because of games, and just how Jack Thomson thought we go out and shoot up schools because of games.

It's really pathetic how incapable so many seem to be able to disassociate fiction from reality. Which is ironic because that should mean that Sarkeesian and Thomson were in the right all along.

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FallenAngel19842658d ago

Nintendo has a long history of censoring content on their platforms