Is gaming already the new music industry?

From gameplayer: "the negotiating power of the games companies stem from their control over the track lists in their titles… The game publishers have the power. So, in a sense, they ARE the music industry."

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PirateThom3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Overblown with crap where, for the most part, novelty and generic sells well while innovative and interesting is largely ignored?

Not at all.

PimpHandStrong3721d ago

around 800 cd's

i have also shared music with friends and have around 700-800 songs that i dont own the hard copy! Its 58GB of music in total

so no gaming is not the new music industry but with PSN and XBL it is going the way of itunes!

in terms of DD it is but not in terms of scope and the range it covers.

hardcorehippiez3721d ago

but it is a good way for bands to get their tunes out to people that might previously not have heard them. its something i myself am trying to do with my band but getting software companies to notice isnt easy.