Ubisoft's Rayman Adventures Now Available On Apple TV

Realm of Gaming states, "Ubisoft announced that Rayman Adventures, the latest installment of the award-winning Rayman franchise developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, is now available to download from the App Store for Apple TV."

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Kalebninja2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Apple should try and jump into the game console business, they're one of the few companies i can see doing it at this point.

Skate-AK2888d ago

They definitely have the money but I don't think they have the passion. It would be a console riddled with P2W games and a console port here and there. I would honestly bet on Amazon before Apple.


SuperPhillip Central: Rayman Adventures (iOS, Android) Review

Phil writes, "Rayman's previous mobile outings had him running, jumping, hovering, punching, and kicking in automatic runner fashion. This holds true with Rayman Adventures. However, this time around the game is not a premium-priced one. Instead, it's a free-to-play affair with its own caveats that make the adventure a perilous one for a small amount of bad reasons. Otherwise, Rayman's platforming prowess shines brightly on mobile devices once again."

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Tips And Tricks For Making the Most Of Rayman Adventures

For more than two decades, the Rayman series has elevated the art of platforming to new and exciting levels (no pun intended). Sure, there are a couple of exceptions to that rule, but for the most part the entire franchise is solid.

When the series made the jump to mobile a few years back, it could have stagnated and just relied on its recognizable brand to sell units. Thankfully, the folks at Ubisoft weren’t content to rest on their laurels, and the result has been two well-made endless runners in Rayman Jungle Run and Rayman Fiesta Run. The third mobile installment, Rayman Adventures, has seen no dip in quality in spite of the fact that has made the game free to play.

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pecorre2844d ago

It's a shame to see this series going mobile. Legends and Origins were awesome games!

griswuff2844d ago

True, but look at what Bethesda did with Fallout Shelter. Maybe they're supplementing/extending the fanbase?

pecorre2844d ago

At least, Bethesda released a new game in the series. As far as we know, developpement has halted for any real Rayman game.


Review: Rayman Adventures | Destructoid

Rayman has had a good run of it as of late. The last two console games -- Origins and Legends -- were fantastic platformers worthy of the highest praise. Now Ubisoft is testing the franchise's viability in the mobile waters with Rayman Adventures, and while it works, it doesn't as well as you'd hope, given how high the bar has been set.

The two defining features of Rayman games in the recent past have been vibrant, feel-good aesthetics and rock-solid controls. Mobile has no problem accommodating for the former; it's the latter that causes issues.

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