Human Resource Machine Review (Nintendo Wii U)

Andrew N from Negative World says: "I have to admit, while watching video previews of Human Resource Machine I got the sense that it was a game designed precisely for me. For starters, it is developed by Tomorrow Corporation, a team whose members have previously created many of my favorite games on their respective platforms, including World of Goo, Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (which I reviewed very highly), and Little Inferno (which I also reviewed very highly.) It’s also a puzzle game about programming, and as a programmer who loves puzzle games that’s a very appealing idea to me. Finally, as a part-time elementary school computer teacher, I have been looking for an excus... I mean uh, an education-oriented reason to bring video games into the classroom and share my love of gaming with my students, and Human Resource Machine, with its focus on basic programming concepts, seemed like it might have the combination of educational value and fun that I had been looking for. (I currently use the “games” on sites like Code.Org to teach my students programming concepts, and they are solid games for what they are but you know… not quite the same thing as a Tomorrow Corporation developed game.)"

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