New Final Fantasy XV Artwork Shows Goblins and “Mesmerize;” Concepts Explained

Square Enix released two new pieces of concept artwork of Final Fantasy XV, also giving an interesting explanation on the origins of the monsters portrayed.

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jashtheflash1267d ago

Always in the mood for more Final Fantasy XV

Kurisu1266d ago

I'll just be glad when March gets here!

Eiyuuou1266d ago

So we can do more waiting! Yaaay! :p

elarcadia1266d ago

I was really on the fence about this game until I went to the Live conference at PAX, and met the creators the next day. They have such a passion for FFXV, and spent time asking ALL of us fans what we were most loking forward to and what we'd like to see in the game (ith translators of course heh). They are really taking the time to not only poor their hearts and souls into the game, but also take into account what fans of the series want to see as well.

jeremyj29131266d ago

Magic is what I want to see the most. That video they did a while back with the behemoth fight was the only time they showed any and I am so hungry for more. Can't wait to see the overdrives, or whatever they'll be called, as well.

Relientk771266d ago

I hope this game is good and nothing like FFXIII

oldmangamer1266d ago

They are putting so much work into this game that anything less than epic will be a letdown considering how long we have to wait.

BREAKING NEWS-Episode Duscae 3.0 announced for 2016, actual game delayed to 2017 lol.