The Best SOMA Mods

From GameWatcher: "Frictional Games’ creepy, undersea psychological horror SOMA might not be the first game that springs to mind when you think about mods, but it turns out that there’s already a number of cool community-created items hanging around on the Steam Workshop.

We’ve hunted down the very best examples for you to have a look at; expect entirely new maps, gameplay tweaks, model swaps and bunch of other changes. Without further ado..."

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DLConspiracy1271d ago

I am fairly certain that someone is going to mod those consoles (that you stick your fist into) to look a lot like more adult content.

mogwaii1271d ago

Why does this show up in the ps4 feed?

feenix-583d ago

Because it’s on PS4 homie

WizzroSupreme1271d ago

Loved these ads. So creepy.