Need For Speed trial available to play now on Xbox One thanks to EA Access

Neil writes "Need For Speed can now be downloaded and played thanks to the EA program"

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oKidUKo1269d ago

This is why I love EA Access, I ain't sure about Need for Speed so now I can get stuck in without major cost.

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Immorals1269d ago

Yep, doing exactly the same, bonus is I can do the same for battlefront in the same month!

reallyNow1269d ago

this is why EA access is bullshit. its available for everyone, they're limiting access to only those who pay them extra money. you're insane for supporting this terrible business practice.

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stevej3361269d ago

Getting to play full games 5 days early for 10 hours is one of the main reasons to pay the measly $30 a year.

Software_Lover1269d ago

...... Most retailers get games before the official release date (hard copy). So, technically Wal-Mart is holding off on giving people the game when its available.

When a game goes gold, it should be available digitally for everyone who wants to purchase it that day but it isn't........ because it has a release date.

This is just a perk for E.A. access members. Like special parking at Six Flags because you pay more. The parking spots are available, I drive right by them everytime I go, but only those who paid for them can use them.

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Trollthumper1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

You're going to be really mad when battlefront releases a week early on Xbox one aren't you ?.

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user99502791269d ago

Awesome. Was in no way impressed by the beta, maybe a good long dose of the full game will be more encouraging.

neil3631269d ago

I'm hoping it's going to be brilliant. Please let that be true! 10 hours should be enough for me to be able to make a decision on a full purchase.

Wikkid6661269d ago

And if not... it's free next year anyways.

neil3631269d ago

I like your way of thinking! I'd rather it was awesome and pay for it though.

Retroman1269d ago

Has anyone notice besides me : in the beta ,also e3 trailer footage we see cars driving in circles. i mean in normal nfs trailer footage we see cars speeding down the road few turns, the reboot version footage all we see cars drifting around same block. hope their more to this game than impress local icons how well you're able to drift,tune,built your car. if this game all about EA need to give NFS rootkit back to EA canada or Blackbox studio they both had the SOUL of NFS .

d_g1269d ago

"Need For Speed trial available to play now on Xbox One thanks to EA Access"

yup thanks to EA Access

jcnba281269d ago

EA Access is for Xbox One only.

d_g1269d ago

sadly it’s only on Xbox one

because sony rejected it

ThePresentIsAgift1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

This is for the payers?

DJustinUNCHAIND1269d ago

EA Access is a great thing.

EA gets a lot of flak for a lot of crap practices, but they got this right.

Thanks to MS for allowing us to use this program!

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