Seven Deadly Fanfiction Sins

GamersFTW writes - The world of is a bizarre place. On one hand, it’s filled with some excellent stories full of great prose, but on the other, it’s a dark, sordid and strange world.

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c00lvilKid691271d ago

I like bad fanfiction, it makes me feel better about myself.

MrsNesbitt1271d ago

Some of them are so very creepy. I wonder if the developers read them. I would.

donwel1271d ago

If you want to see creepy just google search "(your name) The Hedgehog"
Weird, weird shit my friend.

GamerGabs1271d ago

I think the Zelda one made me laugh the most. I'm curious to know if Link actually speaks or just yells randomly? (I'm sure that exists somewhere).

Maple221271d ago

I feel like you have taken one for the team here, now I don't need to spend hours searching myself, it is all here in one handy article. Good job!

HRD_Games1271d ago

I love bad fanfiction so much (My Immortal is still a good read). Fantastic article. I'm not 100%, but I might have read that Zelda one...although, Link is "...big" in most fanfic.
Not that I'd know. I mean...what's fanfiction, amirite?

Shillmeister1271d ago

Trampled all over my childhood that has! Much respect for the research that must've been carried out for this article, hah!

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