Fallout 4 Has a Baseball Mini Game

SegmentNext - Well, if you find time from trying to survive the nuclear aftermath and ugly monsters in Fallout 4, try playing a mini games in your free time.

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Lighter91269d ago

Thanks for spoiling the game for me. I would've loved to have found it in the game myself, but I guess spoiling it will suffice. /s

xPhearR3dx1269d ago

Well the author isn't very smart. They posted that headline off pure speculation from the trophies list that was revealed. There's no confirmed mini-game.

JamesBroski1269d ago

Yea this site is freaking ridiculous for spoilers. I don't get how people can approve this kind of content. It was the same for MGS V.

But this one isn't really a spoiler, anyone who've seen the last gameplay footage of Fallout 4 knows that this achievement is not for a baseball mini game.

Lighter91269d ago

Thanks. +Helpful I've only seen the reveal trailer and I want to keep it that way until the game comes out.

KnightRobby1269d ago

It's more than likely a melee finisher dedicated to Homeruns and grand slamming your opponents' heads off than an actual mini-game. Same thing with the football reference.

SlightlyRetarted1269d ago

"Fallout 4 Has a Baseball Mini Game". 10+ journalism, stating speculation as a fact to get clicks.
I honestly think homerun is "Big Leagues" perk with rank 5 that is "Do 100% more melee weapon damage, with a chance to instant kill your opponent following a blow to the head"
Touchdown has something to do with perk called "Juggernaut" that has rank 3 that is "Enemies in your path will be knocked down when you charge into them, and will receive critical damage with a chance of being killed by the blow".

s45gr321269d ago

Besides witcher 3/red dead redemption is been awhile since mini games appeared on a game. I really do not understand why mini games are not on every rpg/open world game. If you think about it, mini games are hobbies that the citizens of the gameworld do to pass the time. But every single open world game (except witcher 3/red dead redemption) lack mini games