Gamervision Review: NCAA Football 2009

Gamervision reports:

''Reviewing sports games is always a dicey proposition. Generally speaking, there isn't a whole lot of difference in most franchises from year to year. I mean, sure, this year's iteration may add a new celebration system, or a host of mini-games. And the on-line modes get more and more fleshed-out as time goes on. But for the most part, the graphical presentation and the mechanics of gameplay tend to feel like cut-and-paste jobs. This generalization is most often applied to college games, which in the past have felt more like watered-down versions of their professional counterparts than actual complete games. But NCAA '09, even with a few problems, is a solid game unto itself.

You all know the routine: four downs, end zones, run, pass, defense, kick, blah blah blah. I'm not going to rehash how to play a football game for you. And since it's college, your players are a number and position, rather than a person with a name (that way only the NCAA, and not the players, can collect on the license.) All 130+ major schools are represented, and you can build your own custom team with the Recruiting tools.''

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