Wii Gamer Reveiws: Carnival Games

Wii Gamer Writes:

When we heard that Carnival Games for Wii had sold over 1.5 million copies we knew we had to go and take a look at the game. Who doesn't like to go to the fair? Of course, no one, that's who! Everyone loves going to the fair, where else besides Disneyland can you get expensive rides, tacky stalls, badly cooked food and old men dressed up as animals? Carnival Games Wii with over 25 genuine Carnival games tries to recreate all the fun and frolics of going to the Carnival in the comfort of your own home - it sounds a multiplayer smash, but does it deliver the prizes?

Upon first entering the Carnival you are first asked if you want to play in Single Player or Multiplayer mode, either way your next job is to create your own character from a few basic features such as gender, face shape, hair colour, clothes and accessories. There isn't much choice to start with and creations can look very similar - however the more you play the game you'll unlock different outfits and other pieces to customize your character with later on.

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