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"Myself and the other Spartans of Team Osiris are surrounded by Covenant enemies who are understandably pissed off about the recent misunderstanding we had with their comrades. I’ve got four shots left on my pistol, and we’re outnumbered five-to-one — so it’s an even fight for a Spartan. I get a running start and bash through the wall in front of me, knocking an elite officer to the ground. I command my team to flank an enemy turret, while I jump in the air and stomp on a group of jackals. Suddenly, I’m ambushed by a suicidal grunt, and collapse to the ground. My teammates refuse to let me die so easily, though, and dash to my aid while finishing off the remaining enemies. We breathe a sigh of relief, when suddenly an eight-foot-tall Promethean materializes in front of us, wielding a glowing sword the size of a child. Looks like I’ll need a bigger weapon."

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pandehz1273d ago

Halo has a distinct A grade quality of its own.

I'm glad its getting raving reviews.


joab7771273d ago Show
Gwiz1273d ago

I'm always skeptical about 10/10 reviews.

otherZinc1273d ago

Great score!

With all the mediocre games getting high scores, I'm glad a writer is giving an XBOX ONE exclusive a perfect score.

With a single player, multiplayer, Campaign Co-op, forge, & more, there's something for everyone to play for a very long time.

Also, with no Season Pass & Free DLC, 343 Industries should be applauded.