Sakurai and Smash Bros. Uncertain Future With Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai's future with Nintendo is currently up in limbo, PE discusses what Mr. Kimishima needs to do going forward.

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MrSwankSinatra2162d ago

After the last two Super Smash Bros. games, I think Sakurai needs to step into the producer seat and let someone else direct a Super Smash Bros. game.

_-EDMIX-_2162d ago

He might as well or just leave. Now that its a causal game and being developed by other studios, he barely has a place their now.

They might as well let the Namco Tekken team do another title.

fatneal2162d ago

lol @ "casual game" know nothing

_-EDMIX-_2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I use to play Melee.

They very much turned the series into casual fan fair bud. How they are updating Smash 4 very much shows their intent of what they want to do with the series.

They don't want it to be seen as a competitive titles as to why they are not making it anything near Melee.

@Syne49-Thats nice.....

Sorry but even the top Melee players openly stated how they feel about the casual nerfs of Brawl and Smash 4. The game is being updated and nerfed to be as friendly as feasible as to please younger, casual gamers.

Nintendo doesn't want it being a huge competitive title to turn off the young gamers.

syne492162d ago

Yeah you still don't know what you're talking about. Most of the last significant updates have been major engine changes. Gearing the game towards an overall faster pace. Last patch we got major changes to shield stun and in previous ones nerfs to defensive options. I am tired of this it's not melee so it's not competitive garbage from people who don't play the game. Both have there place and both can exist in a competitive space. Both can be great games without invalidating the other.

fatneal2162d ago

bro do you even own the game? you dont know what your talking about...melee is great n all but its also old glitchy and unbalanced. none of what your saying is true. smash 4 is not slow or nerfed. every smash game has fan fair and is kid friendly. you just dont know what youre talking about. go buy the game and gain a real opinion of first then you can talk.

but the most telling thing is you harping on a buzzword term like casual. your a consumer man dont talk like a suit. "casuals" make up the majority of most industries bro. every time internet dweebs use words like "hardcore/casual gamer" youre really saying "_______marketing campaign has worked on me so much so that i feel compelled to be blindly loyal to _______brand."

ErogeMaster2162d ago

Hell yeah we can finally have complex inputs like 1 frame links and just frames which casuals dont have a lick of knowledge of.

wonderfulmonkeyman2161d ago

"I used to play Melee"
"Now that it's a casual game"

Your elitism is draped around you like a robe, as is your ignorance about how much work was, and still IS, being put into balancing and playtesting the most recent game to make it great for both pros and new players alike.

The turn-out for the game at the most recent tournaments and the excitement over its matches shows a level of mental skill and excitement comparable to Melee in every way except raw speed.

Do the Smash community a favor and make that "used to" line a permanent thing.
We don't want elitism like yours in the Melee community.

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3-4-52161d ago

Smash Brothers Wii U did some great things, but it was also my least played smash brothers game BY FAR.

MrSwankSinatra2161d ago

To be honest I really don't find Brawl or SSB for Wii U compelling to play. Especially in comparison to the original or melee. I bought the SSB for Wii U bundle with the adapter and controller, ended up selling it and just keeping the smash controller to play melee on the gamecube with.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2161d ago

The last two games was only because Iwata pitch it to him.

So the future is kinda uncertain.

fatneal2162d ago

ive said it once and ill say it again...this might legit be the last smash bros game...and if not we wont be seeing another entry in the series until the NX successor...2016 they will release the remaining dlc and 1-2 balancing/glitch fix patches and thats it...i honestly think NX might be the first nintendo console that smash and mario kart dont see a release

_-EDMIX-_2162d ago

The slowness is real with this one.

Yet...your stating. "you know nothing".

Do you just think they release titles for fun?

Here is a hint bud $.

You can guarantee my future children that NX will have Mario Kart and Smash Bros bud. If Nintendo is known for anything, its releasing titles once a gen.

Did you not know that Nintendo has ZERO PROBLEM outsourcing their titles to other teams?

Namco did Smash 4 bud....the Tekken team very much created that game, look it up.

Your statment is so flat its not even funny.

Why? Explain yourself, source, link.....something. Its one thing to state "you know nothing"

Its another thing to go on assuming you know something with zero proof to support your claims.


But stand back...FATneal "thinks" both series won't see a NX release.

The deep, deep lolz. I may not like their direction they are talking the series, my belief of it being casual is my own and really subjective.

But I'm not out there spreading strange, baseless assumptions with no real hard evidence to back it up other then.

"ive said it once" or "i honestly think" lol

You got real hard facts to back up what you um..."think"? As what KNOW is both titles regardless of how I subjectively feel about them, sell HUGE, make lots of money and clearly don't need to even be done in house by Nintendo to see results. Again...need I remind you Namco Bandi did Smash 4? They don't even likely need the series director and it will likely see just the same sales.

fatneal2162d ago

mario kart and smash take a lot of time to make and considering smash and mario kart will be getting dlc next year its fair to say we might not get a smash or mario kart on NX. also youre talking as if nintendo outsources games in full...they do not...nintendo is still always very much involved and in control when the outsource. namco helped program sure but it was sakurais plans decisions and he personally balanced the game.

obviously smash and mario kart are big money makers but common sense tells us smash and mario kart just released last year and there a chance NX will release next or spring 2017...thats too soon....

my opinion of you still stands....YOU KNOW NOTHING...if you dont own it you know nothing

_-EDMIX-_2161d ago

@Fat- "also youre talking as if nintendo outsources games in full...they do not"

Yes...yes they do.

"considering smash and mario kart will be getting dlc next year its fair to say we might not get a smash or mario kart on NX"

LMFAO! Since when does having DLC mean no sequel? You have an example of this ever happening with a developer or publisher stating they made DLC instead of a sequel?

"obviously smash and mario kart are big money makers but common sense tells us smash and mario kart just released last year and there a chance NX will release next or spring 2017...thats too soon.... "

OH Now its "too soon"?

Moving goal post and contracdiing yourself? Those links sober you up a bit huh?

I've never heard anything as slow as Nintendo won't make a Smash or Mario Kart....EVER, its legit INSANE and supported by what exactly?

OH They are making DLC? Really? Oh now its "too soon"?

Who stated they would launch on NX?

Did you not know that Smash Bros came out in 1999 for N64.

Melee came out in the ending of 2001 for Gamecube.

What does timing have to do with not coming on the NX at all bud?

I'm sorry but someone has to be INSANE to believe something as stupid as what you just posted regarding them not making another title on NX of 2 of there top selling series. I don't need to "own it" to know just how silly your post and claims are bud.

Nintendo doesn't NEED that director to make a Smash bros, if he leaves...then they will merely wave BYE....then move on to having him replaced by another. I'm sorry but you lack a lot of business logic. Do you not know how many Nintendo titles have been outsourced to other teams ,developers, publisher etc?

n4f2161d ago

please stop
you're embarrassing yourself.

deafdani2162d ago

So, you're saying Nintendo won't release their 2 best selling home console IPs on their next console?

You're right, that makes total business sense!


_-EDMIX-_2161d ago

Buddy, I'm dying laughing! Still no shred of evidence, logical proof or even a deep compelling argument for why they won't.

but...they won't because Fat said so bro! That is like saying EA won't make a Madden, why oh well they have DLC for Madden.....

Dat slow gamer logic doe! lol

fatneal2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

what im saying because those two games have released so late in the wiiUs life cycle it wouldnt shock me if mario kart and smash ended up being launch titles on the console after NX

is it really so crazy to think those two series can be held off? the wiiU didnt get a metroid or new mario game (by new mario i mean in line with the galaxys/sunshines/mario64 type new) and theres still a slight chance it may not get zelda. i think its fair to say theres a chance those two wont get another entry any time soon.double dash was released in 2003 and melee was released in 2001... mario kart wii and brawl released in 2008 and we didnt see sequels to those until 2014...wiiU lifecycle will only be 4-5 years right? so how is it not logical that a new smash n kart game may end up being launch titles for the console after NX? what if NX has a lifespan that last as long as the wiiUs?

both you and @-edimx- are internet dweebs man

_-EDMIX-_2161d ago

@Fat- dude...give it a rest, your post has not real logical understanding and you seem to keep changing it as people are posting actual evidence and facts going against your strange claims.

"how is it not logical that a new smash n kart game may end up being launch titles for the console after NX?"

Who said anything about launch bud? Did Smash 64 not come out in 1999 only to come out in 2001 with Melee for Gamecube? LMFAO! I'm sorry but its really hard to say it can't happen....when it has before.

Mind you, that was even before Smash did HUGE MILLIONS!

This is what you stated bud.

"i honestly think NX might be the first nintendo console that smash and mario kart dont see a release"

Nothing about launch, now suddenly when your sobered up by real numbers and facts, now its

" but common sense tells us smash and mario kart just released last year and there a chance NX will release next or spring 2017...thats too soon.... "

Goal post moving LMFAO! You can't even stay firm on your own argument, first it won't release on NX.

Then you question WHEN it will release on NX (it seems some real facts and numbers have moved you to contradict yourself) lol, then its

" it wouldnt shock me if mario kart and smash ended up being launch titles on the console after NX" lol. bud. It makes zero sense, since its release, NO Mario Kart or Smash as EVER skipped a console...EVER. Your argument is beyond stupid as it lacks any sense of business logic. Its literally laughable.

You keep forgetting that even with your time line claims...your leaving out that the second title released very soon after the first. Your also leaving out again...THAT NO MARIO KART OR SMASH HAS EVER SKIPPED A CONSOLE SINCE RELEASE, EVER, its NEVER HAPPENED.

But stand back, FAT said so, so it will lol.That is your argument? Sad smh.

Yet your calling folks names for pointing out just how strange and riddled with holes your theory is? It doesn't even make slight business sense, not even a tad bit.

"is it really so crazy to think those two series can be held off?"

When it comes off of doing MILLIONS, when its NEVER been skipped EVER since its series debut......

Yes, its not only crazy, its literally stupid with no basis for its understanding of why they would not release 2 of their best selling series on a new platform due to what exactly? Oh timing? Yet....Melee exist less then 2 years after Smash 1's release.

Yet ever damn Nintendo console since both series debut have had a release.

I would call such a theory "Crazy" and stupid. I question anyone's real logic and intelligence that even slightly thinks such a thing makes sense or is even feasible at this point.

deafdani2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Development for Smash Bros Wii U and Smash Bros 3DS started on early 2012, and those games were released in late 2014. So, A bit more than two years and half to make TWO Smash games.

Likewise, development for Mario Kart 8 started on 2012, and it was released on 2014. 2 year development.

Both of these IPs tend to have way shorter development times than main console Zelda games; they're not remotely comparable.

So, let's assume for a second that development for a new Smash game and a new Kart game starts on the same year that NX launches. That means both of these titles could be ready for the NX's second year in the market. And there's a big likelyhood that development on these games can start before the release of the console itself.

I'm not a internet dweeb, dude, I just have common sense. What you're suggesting is insane. Metroid is an IP that can skip a console generation because it's not a priority for Nintendo - Metroid games don't sell that hotly - but Mario Kart and Smash? Nintendo sure as hell will make an entry of each game for the NX, just as sure as they will make a Pokémon game for a handheld, always. Those IPs are never going to skip their respective consoles, unless they stop selling like hotcakes, which I doubt will happen anytime soon.

As for a "new" Mario for Wii U. Mario 3D World WAS that game. Its production values, and content, are just as big as the Galaxy games, if not bigger. People just tend to dismiss it because they have the perception that it's just the same as Mario 3D Land (the 3DS one), just bigger and with multiplayer, and that's not true.

TheGamez1002162d ago

If they do make another smash, really hope theyd add in another story mode like subspace or something like adventure mode which all added a great single player experience for me, these not being in smash wii u really disappointed me...sure i had fun playing with my friends but the game is such a bore when my friends grew tired of it leaving only me left to play. If they keep that up with the nx smash then i think i would have to wait for a huge price drop, i prefer buying games full price with great single player experiences...besides shooters

RPGrinder2162d ago

We do not really need another for another 8 years, who cares

pootymcpoockle2162d ago

I love how people still claim that Smash hasn't been as hardcore since Melee. The only reason Melee is a lot more competitive is because it's RIDDLED with bugs. Do you think for a second that wave dashing and crouch cancelling etc were intentional? If melee was released today in the exact state it has always been in, all of that stuff would be patched out within a month, guaranteed.

jonboi242162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Please fighting games where pretty much built on glitches and bugs. Combos and Cancels started as bugs in Street Fighter 2 and now their essential parts in all fighting games. Plus I don't see wave Dashing as a glitch but simply an exploit in the games mechanics. It's the advance tech that elevated Melee in to the legend it is today.

DiscoKid2162d ago

Glitches are not advanced tech. Lol

wonderfulmonkeyman2161d ago

It's just faster.
Speed mixed with all of those little bugs are what make people view it the way they do; if Smash 4 moved as fast as Melee you'd see a lot of the complainers either switch to a new insult in defense, or quit complaining altogether.

But after seeing the mind games and skills present in recent tournaments, I honestly don't see how Smash 4 is any less of a competitive game than Melee.
It's speed and the amount of tech skills are a perfect middle ground between competitive and do-able by everyone.
Easy to learn, hard to master, and nothing on the tech side has been reduced to only being learn-able by those with naturally advanced dexterity/reflexes/reaction speed. [IE, Waveshining.]

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