Gamestyle Reviews: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

Gamestyle writes:

Surviving surprisingly well despite the cartoon source material's disappearance from the British TV schedules, the DragonBall Z video game spin-offs are on their umpteenth iteration with the arrival of Burst Limit. Unsurprisingly given its roots in a show about the trials and tribulations of super-powered warriors fighting to save the universe, its 3D fighting system should be as familiar as an old pair of boots. This sort of predictability hardly did the series' previous outings any harm, but with its scope set little farther than improving graphics and introducing a few new features, can Burst Limit really be worth another wodge of cash, even for the hardcore fans?

For those who have already played the three more recent DBZ offerings on PS2, the gameplay of Burst Limit will come as something of a surprise, being substantially simpler and relatively button-basher friendly. That isn't to say that there's a total lack of depth, with timing being placed to the fore rather than the rote learning of elaborate combos, but it does considerably limit the scope and longevity of the title.

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