Dreams - Bear Dream (PS4)

During todays livestream on Twitch, Media Molecule teased us with a full on Dream video made by one of the artist. The Dream had meaning as it was made for the Media Molecule dev's daughter.

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MehmetAlperTR3166d ago

Exactly it look's nice.. I loved LBP series. Wait for this one also :)

bouzebbal3165d ago

I have no idea what this is about, but i trust Mm on this one after all the masterpieces they have been delivering since LBP1

MazzingerZ3166d ago

This could be the PSVR launch game that's why they cannot show more mechanics as that would give away the "secret" behind it.

Probably on monday we will finally see it in action.

AgentSmithPS43166d ago

I like how people will be able to use it to create things that change people's minds. Without having a lot of technical stuff holding them back.

pivotplease3166d ago

Not sure how the gameplay comes into it but this new platform looks capable of making and playing games like Flower and Journey. Incredible.

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-Foxtrot3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Looks really touching

quaneylfc3166d ago

Then take your hands out of your pants and watch properly.

mafiahajeri3166d ago

Waiting for the eventual Wet dream

Ra30303166d ago

Not sure what any of that was but its looked really cool. I thought the big bear had died for a second which would have been really sad for the feels and a really bad freaking "dream" glad that was not the case. The game looks like it'll be really amazing I'm looking forward to this one.

Concertoine3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Am i the only one who thought this was existential as hell? Dreams is trippy af.

I hope we can make "I'm screwing a celebrity" dreams or night terror sims.

DarXyde3166d ago

I only wish it could support PlayStation VR. If so, imagine how surreal it would be to lie down and watch a series of dreams on a playlist.

It'd either be a blissful nirvana or, if your inquiries are any indication, the definitive way to induce night terrors.

Part of me really believes we'll see this remade at some point.


Concertoine3166d ago


I've always imagined Dreams as a tool for horrific and surreal imagery more than anything, and NOW i remember why! Screw that weird ass scene!

abstractel3165d ago

They are pushing the PS4 so far with this technology. I really doubt they can get SDF's up to 60fps at this fidelity. Maybe if they had two different resource fillers (like the one LBP had and that they confirmed Dreams will have), one for VR and one for non-VR. But the dreams would be fill up the resource meter way, way faster for VR.

But hey, I'd like to dream it's possible. What they've done with SDF's (signed distance fields) on the PS4 is pretty amazing.

TwoForce3166d ago

It's so calm and beautiful. I like it.

triple_c3166d ago

This looks like a pixar movie. I can't believe that this is actually in game. Those graphics are incredible.

freshslicepizza3166d ago

visually impressive but i am still confused how this is a game. i do think they should have had dark side of the moon playing in the background.

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subtenko3166d ago

You dont need to be a expert at all....it is pick up and play and requires no skill to create dreams, GAMES, and music.

It requires even less skill to select someone elses already created dreams, games, and music to play.

Simply select something you wish to play in-game, and click!

The game is also WIP and is constantly evolving. You havent seen anything yet ;)

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abstractel3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

They've already said you can create both games with logic and just dreams/experiences.

This is an example of a surreal dream someone created.

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XanderZane3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Don't know if it's actually gameplay or just the opening for one of the dreams. Graphics are good, but doesn't look like a Pixar movie. I'm not blown away by them, but they are nice. Music was nice as well. Would love to see how you actually play this game. Guess we'll find out at the PSX.